Bolton Law Case Study
Bolton Law

Continuous Exponential Growth

The Challenge

Our client was not only not getting enough calls from potential clients but nearly 100% of those callers could not afford her services. As a divorce attorney, she desired for her firm to only service high net worth individuals. Being located on the edge of a city with 7,000,000 people our client did not have the budget to make even a small splash in that market.
Ruby Bolton

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The Solution

We decided to not fight the battle within the large nearby metropolitan area but instead to target select areas just outside of that market. Through extensive market research and data mining we were able to target the appropriate demographic. We had to use multiple platforms and campaigns to work around the ad restrictions that are inherent when targeting individuals that are considering divorce. Realizing that we’d never exclusively attract high net worth individuals we coupled our outbound marketing with an intake team that was trained to weed out the undesirable callers within only a few sentences. Additionally we used content, images, and testimonials on our site that helped to only convert the most desirable organic visitors.

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The Result

Within only six months our client needed to hire two additional attorneys to service the demand that was being generated. Not long after that additional attorneys were hired and a second location was opened.