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From no web presence to the face of his market.

The Challenge

As an attorney with 34 years experience serving the disabled Robert felt his experience was not being properly conveyed or even being seen at all throughout the internet. As an multi-year Yellow Pages customer he was seeing no results and as his website was on a platform he had zero SEO of his own.
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"Without EverConvert, my practice would never have reached even a fraction of the clients I assist now. It is my pleasure to help my community, and their marketing gives me the exposure to reach those in need and consistently grow my business."

The Solution

Create a web presence for Robert that includes an SEO optimized, responsive website, social media marketing, and video content. Focus on his strength, and the markets void, as it related to Veteran Affairs & Disability Attorneys. Gain first-page presence for searches relevant to Veterans disability while growing his presence regarding all types of disability. Ensure the website was intuitive enough so anyone regarding their disability would be able to easily contact Robert’s office in multiple ways. Insert custom landing pages that contain tracking information so that we can accurately track the traffic through his site, as well as the route the visitor took to reach the site.


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The Result

Robert has stayed with us since the beginning over five years ago and never looked back. Our efforts to increase his local rankings and presence brought him the the top of all competitive keywords, with an accessible website for his target audience to feel understood and cared for.