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The business just keeps on growing.

The Challenge

Our client had negative experiences with previous SEO providers and web developers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were sunk into a failed strategy that had no lasting, positive impact. We had to determine how to fix a failing SEO strategy and turn around their online presence so that the firm could grow. This included an in-depth analysis of their current online presence and deciding how to structure their website modifications.
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We have a 5+ year relationship with EverConvert. We stayed with them after having some very sub-par relationships with two prior companies.  Suffice to say that I have been very pleased with EverConvert, their product, and how we have managed to go from nothing in the way of internet-generated business to it now being as important as anything that we do in the office to build branding and bring business in. 

The Solution

We created a new website that had a heavy focus on conversion. This was done through making the website multilingual, as well as creating an SEO strategy that was properly structured around the firm’s resources; numerous years of successfully bringing results to clients. By ranking off of these results, we were able to position our client in front of prospects who located them solely on the web


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The Result

Five years and three additional offices across three states later, Ted Greve and his team can’t stop growing. Our indisputable results changed his skeptical outlook for digital marketing into an essential asset for reaching his business goals. From Charlotte to Atlanta, Ted continues to experience greater success the longer he has used our services.