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From new local business to top of the market.

The Challenge

Having only recently begun to practice law and needing to establish himself quickly, John needed a partner to design and implement every aspect of his law practice’s digital presence. The DUI practice area is saturated with competition, with more competition rising up each year. Bateman needed a strategy that would give long lasting results.
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"I started with Everconvert fresh out of law school in 2015. I had no website, no office, no clients. Within a year, I was busier than I could manage on my own. I was forced to hire and consolidate my efforts. Now, nearly 6 years later, I employ numerous full-time employees, and have an office right downtown. Everconvert has not only been a partner that I use for digital marketing, but for business as a whole. Their team knows how to take their efforts past just a website and really can completely change the direction of a business."

The Solution

EverConvert created a responsive website, optimized for lead generation, with 24/7 live chat. We performed search engine optimization on the site to rank at the top of the 1st page for relevant DUI keywords. We also created a marketing video to instantly make his business more credible and trustworthy.


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The Result

Within two years, John Bateman and his law firm dominate the market, ranking organically and in the map pack in the top 3 (mostly #1) for the most competitive, high-volume keywords.

For the next four years, The Bateman Firm has continued to be the top in their market, and become the most profitable DUI defense firm in the area.