Hurt911 Website and Mobile

Commanding Attention

The Challenge

Our client had an established Chiropractic firm with decades of experience. However they were experiencing declining sales and they were watching firsthand as brand new Chiropractic practices were capitalizing in their market. Our client realized that it was imperative that they immediately develop a successful online presence.

Not long after we started my partner Matt & I are were overwhelmed with how quickly Everconvert made a tangible increase to our revenue. We then began being very impressed with how they conducted business. Their communication, processes for how they handled every task, the way their meetings are structured…Everconvert is unlike any marketing vendor that we’ve ever worked with. You never have to wait on anything, in actuality you never really have to ask for anything. They stay well ahead of our needs and literally direct us. We’re now in our fourth year and the pace has continued, If anything its faster. The relationship still seems to be new and fresh. This is due to them constantly introducing us to new ways to market ourselves digitally. We can’t say enough good things.

The Solution

Create an entire web presence for Hurt911 Injury Centers that included two fully optimized, websites, social media marketing, and video content. We focused on showing their historical strength to any new visitors to the site. Via Social Media and Paid Ads we reintroduced the business to the populous within the markets that they had historically covered while introducing them to local markets that they had never served. This new introduction constantly blanketed thousands. Additionally we delivered a very targeted outbound message of recruitment to those that we knew were recently injured. For all those searching for relief we gained a first-page presence for nearly every question relevant to Chiro services that an injured individual could pose.

Other digital companies, whether they’ve created demand or not, are forced stop at that point. They do not have the knowledge or resources to intake or convert the demand. Our US based Intake Division of highly trained staff members began handling 100% of all first time callers to Hurt911 Injury Centers to ensure the maximum conversion rate!

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The Result

Hurt911 Injury Centers has grown with us for over five years never looking back. They’ve opened four (4) additional offices now totaling over a dozen full service walk in facilities. Relationships with strategic partners for patient referrals increased more than five fold until it ultimately required its own team of dedicated employees. Overall our efforts brought immense financial strength to all Hurt911Injury Centers. They are not only not beholden to any lenders they instead command the attention of the most respected financial partners in the industry today.