Lead Generation

Funnel in New Prospects

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

Lead generation involves the identification, attraction, and conversion of online users into potential customers for a business. This approach leverages online channels, techniques, and methods, including advertising, email campaigns, social media, or through a dedicated landing page.

How We Get You Leads

Our goal is to turn every visitor to your website, every online ad click, and every call into a potential customer. We create a lead generation funnel using basic local SEO, setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile; publishing content frequently to your website and blog, ensuring your social media account stay active, running paid search ads (PPC and LSAs), and running social media ads.

Funnel in New Prospects with Lead Generation
Lead Generation Funnel

Our Focus

We put our focus on the five main aspects of lead generation: Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action, and Follow Up.

Awareness – The goal of the awareness stage is to get as many people to come into contact with your brand, your company, and the services you offer through PPC ads, Local Service Ads, Social Media, and Landing Pages.

Interest – Once people are aware of your brand, it’s time to foster their interest by giving them something of value in return for their email address.

Decision – This stage is when people are aware of their problem or service they need and they start actively looking for a solution.

Action – This is when potential leads are turned into qualified leads, they are ready to make a purchase or sign on as a new client.

Follow Up – The final step to the customer journey is the follow up, contacting them through email or a phone call. To keep your new customer or client, it’s crucial to maintain support post-purchase or after signing on as a client.

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