Joe Durham Jr.,P.C.
Joe Durham Jr., P.C.


The Challenge

Being in a small market our client was having to take almost every case that walked in the door. However a life changing event inspired Joe to want to limit his practice to more or less just one practice area. With his practice being in such a small market we knew we had our work cut out for us.
Joe Durham Jr., P.C.

I have a son who is disabled due to the fault of someone else. This drove me to want to spend my career helping others that were injured due to no fault of their own. I can honestly say that without EverConvert I would have never been able to focus on only one practice area and keep the doors open. I’m now following my passion with absolutely no financial concerns whatsoever.

The Solution

Given the budget restraints we decided to take advantage of the small population of his market and focus all of our efforts into just one section of the web. We knew that with the small population we could immediately win in that section and literally bring a few specialized cases in the first month! We then leveraged the profit from these cases to focus on his entire web presence. Organic, Paid, Social and every combination of each. Meaning not just organic social but paid social, not just Pay Per Click ads but Local Service Ads, Retargeting, & Display Ads and these are still only a few areas of the web that we championed.

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The Result

In the second year of utilizing our services our client opened a second location. Experienced staff members are regularly added yet year over year our clients cost per case has declined while his revenue per case has grown dramatically!