Triple the calls, five times the quality leads

The Challenge

Our client came to us after many failed attempts at working with other digital ad agencies. With the sole goal of growing his business, we were able to establish a new strategy that not only grew his organic leads, it also allowed him to grow in location count. After implementing this strategy, we are happy to report that we have assisted in increasing his lead generation 5x what it was before.
Jerry Lanier - Lanier Roofing

I use EverConvert because we were averaging 15-20 decent calls a week now to 40-50 really good calls a week. because they're seeing a more professional company through the video we're working on now.

The Solution

EverConvert created an easily accessible, professionally-branded website. This way, his audience would instantly feel the trust, skill, and reliability of Jerry’s business. Using cutting-edge SEO tactics and high quality, informative content, we exposed his business to thousands of unique visitors every month. After our SEO efforts capped out for his first location, we also created a marketing video to further improve his image, impression, and credibility – allowing him to expand into further markets.

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The Result

EverConvert used a new, modern website presence in order to grow Lanier’s small, local audience into a larger, regional one. Advanced SEO tactics helped us to procure a large consensual database which resulted in dramatically more sales. Lanier Roofing has been around for a long time, but they have never had the reach or the sales they have now due to their online strategy.