One of the Premier Personal Injury Law Firms in Atlanta

The Challenge

With absolutely zero web presence our client was sitting smack dab in the middle of the nations 3rd largest corporate market.  A market with a population that exceeded 8 million.  There was no budget for traditional advertising, yet in this uniques situation it would not have been financially wise were even if there was a budget. 

When my brother and I started the Weinstein Firm almost 7 years ago we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into and I am damn proud of what we have accomplished and that we are still hungry and still going for the moon.  We literally would not be where we are today without hiring Everconvert.

The Solution

To bring signed cases quickly, yet within a plan that would continue to steadily increase the quantity of signed cases monthly, we had to incorporate every aspect of the web.  From organic to paid social on multiple platforms, PPC, SEO, ReTargeting and more, we developed a system that delivered in the short term while growing exponentially long term. 

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The Result

The client quickly became one of the premier Personal Injury Law Firms in Atlanta. The growth forced them to hire and add additional attorneys & paralegals to help handle the massive influx of cases they were beginning to see. After more than a year of being the #1 Atlanta law firm for nearly every personal injury keyword, they decided they wanted to focus solely on car accident cases. We had to broaden their reach outside of just Atlanta in order for them to not see a significant drop-off in cases. They now sign dozens of car accident cases monthly statewide, and still do zero advertising outside of digital.