Expanding Beyond the Horizon

The Challenge

Not even having a website, our client began his firm from having previously taught law.  He quickly realized the science of law is much different than the business of law.  With a GMB that would not even appear when searched from within his own office, we had our work cut out for us. 

Jon Wade - Wade Law

I am very proud to say that Everconvert taught me as much about the business of law as they did marketing in general. Everconvert has kept us profitable for many years.

The Solution

To bring signed cases quickly, yet within a plan that would continue to steadily increase the quantity of signed cases monthly.  Due to an initial personal opinion of our client, social media was to be avoided.  We incorporated a very heavy content plan with an aggressive and targeted ad campaign.  By the second month our efforts were paying for themselves and now, five years later, both the firm and our efforts have tripled.

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The Result

Wade Law built its firm on referrals for over 30 years in the small town of Fayetteville, GA without ever having a website or any online presence. They made it clear to us from the beginning that they did not have a substantial marketing budget and were also not interested in becoming a volume firm. They wanted their growth to be moderate so that the founding partners could still litigate each and every case that came in the door. We built a tailored digital marketing plan to accommodate their need for moderate and consistent growth. They have been a client for over 6 years and have recently begun expanding outside of their hometown!