4 Marketing Questions You Must Address

4 Marketing Questions You Must Address

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Written by Isaac Ingalls

Having a place to start when it comes to developing a marketing strategy can be difficult, especially if you aren’t too sure on what you should be focusing on. We have developed four questions that should help you get started. This will help you begin to think through starting and ending points when it comes to how you go about marketing your business.

Why do you do what you do?

While this is great for personal growth, it also can have a positive affect on your marketing campaigns. When prospects find you online, they want to know why you are doing what you’re doing. They will evaluate your business, as well as your mission statement to see if you are the right fit for their needs. This can also turn into your unique selling proposition. Prospects are looking for a business that they can trust in and if you understand why you do what you do and share that with them, it will help build trust.

You might not know why you do what you do off of the top of your head, but through understanding this question, it will help you answer the next question…

Who specifically are you best suited to serve?

Knowing the “why” behind your business will help you develop the “who” you are trying to help. If your audience is too broadly defined, then you will end up helping no one. When you accurately narrow down who you’re trying to help with your business, you can begin to build your ideal client persona.

When you have an ideal client persona, you will begin to understand the questions they are asking, where they are trying to find the answers, what turns them off to businesses, etc. Knowing their behavior patterns will help you better be able to anticipate what their mental process is when they are viewing the different aspects of your marketing strategies.

A big thing to keep in mind is the intention behind each prospect’s page view. You want to be able meet them at their level and begin to guide them through towards the decision process.

What differentiates you in a remarkable and unique way?

When a client has questions answered and are looking to make a decision, they are trying to figure out what is the right choice to make. If all of the businesses they’re looking at appear to be the same, they will most likely go with the business that has the lowest price. But, if they perceive one business as being more valuable or standing out as a better choice, they will end up being able to justify paying more.

Your unique selling point is what makes you different and your uniqueness. This should be at the heart of your campaign because it is what makes you a better choice than every other business in your market. If you can successfully show that to a prospect and it speaks to their needs, then you have a high chance of obtaining a new client.

If you are unable to come up with a unique offer, then you can always develop your brand to be that unique offer.

To develop your brand, you need to:

  • Have a clear understanding of your brand and its personality
  • Know your audience

While it might sound like it is important to evaluate yourself (as a business owner) as a brand, that is not what sells. Crafting a brand should be focused on the needs of your ideal client. They might not be interested in your life at home, unless it can reassure them of their choice. They don’t want to know about you as a person… unless it creates trust in your business.

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How do you create an offer that sells?

This is when understanding the intention of your ideal customer is important once again. When you understand why they are looking at your website or going through your marketing strategy – you can create an offer that meets their intention. Which can include free information or a free consultation. If somebody is looking for an answer and you provide them with that answer through a clearly defined offer, they will have a hard time refusing it.

When trying to figure out how you’re going to market, you always want to be able to fulfill on the promised result. There are two sides to delivering on a promise 1. Having a clearly defined offer/expectation and 2. Meeting, or fulfilling, that defined offer/expectation.

If your offer isn’t clearly defined in your marketing strategy, it can create dissatisfied clients that leave bad reviews or even want to be refunded. But, when your offer is clearly defined, you will be able to organize your schedule to fulfill the offer that sold you to the prospect.

Through understanding what your business can offer and who is interested in what you are offering, you’ll be able to generate quality marketing strategies.

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