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Clean up and improve your law firm website
Digital Marketing

Helpful Tips to Spring Clean Your Law Firm Website

Spring is the season of renewal. It is the time when most companies start looking at their digital properties and their offices and start sprucing them up. For digital marketing specialists, this is also a

if you want to rank on Google, avoid these SEO mistakes
Lawyer Marketing

7 SEO Mistakes Your Law Firm Must Avoid

As a rule of thumb, digital marketing specialists will tell you what needs to be done for your law firm website SEO. But it is also important to know what kind of SEO mistakes you

law firm SEO needs constant tweaks and upgrades
Lawyer Marketing

Reasons Why Law Firm SEO Is an Ongoing Process

When a representative from your law firm meets with our digital marketing specialists, one of the first things they want to know is: how long does it take to complete our law firm SEO? They

Content Marketing

The Most Effective Content Strategies for Your Law Firm

Content is king – this is one of the mottos of digital marketing specialists. There is no other marketing strategy to replace content marketing. Through content, your law firm can effectively connect with potential clients

Colors are important for law firm web design
Digital Marketing

The Importance of Colors in Law Firm Web Design

When our digital marketing specialists start working on your law firm web design, they leave nothing to chance. Fonts, logos, layout, and colors – all these are aspects we analyze carefully. We know that, together,

concept of search engine optimization for law firms

Search Engine Optimization: 7 Mistakes Affecting Law Firms

Many law firms are making disastrous SEO mistakes, losing money, and achieving little results. Like any other business, law firms require search engine optimization to compete for clients. However, due to the internet’s complexity, it

Digital Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

In the digital marketing industry today, many terminologies are flying around, and it can be difficult keeping up with them. In addition to the many advancements and changes in this industry, beginners can find it

seo marketing

8 SEO Marketing Trends For Your Law Firm In 2023

It’s a new year! It is also the time of the year when everyone makes resolutions going forward in an attempt to make their lives better. As a business, law firms shouldn’t be left out.