Generating Leads through Blogging: 7 Strategies for Law Firms

An overlooked part of search engine optimization for law firms is blogging. Blogging can be an excellent source of traffic for your firm, and when done correctly, you can convert this traffic into a steady source of clients. In addition, research shows that 70% of customers buying decisions are influenced by blog posts. Therefore, blog content for law firm websites is essential.

While some law firms understand the importance of blogging, they’re stumped when it comes to ideas on blog content. In this article, we’ll explore seven blog topics that can drive leads for your law firm. These ideas will help you gain more exposure over your competitors and reach the right people.

Why Blog Content for Law Firm Websites Is Important

There are chances that you’re not getting as much lead as you want because people don’t know what to expect from you. When visitors check out your website, they want to see why you’re the best option for their money and time. They would like to review your experience and personality first. What better way to showcase this than through blog content?

Even if you have the best legal services in the industry, you won’t get a chance to showcase it if those you are targeting are more impressed by the resources your competitor offers. Blogging is a great way to represent yourself and share your expertise with prospective clients, even before an online conversation. In addition to showing you’re an expert in your practice area, it also complements people’s search behavior.

Even with the option of word-of-mouth referrals, many people still try to research their options before they contact a lawyer. A blog can help you target prospective clients looking for information beforehand.

This strategy has been proven to work as HubSpot reports that websites with blog sections get 55% more visitors than those without a blog.

The odds are stacked in favor of blogging. Therefore, blog content for law firm websites is essential to the growth of such firms. It’s also an effective method for building trust and client relationships.

7 Blog Ideas That Can Drive Leads for Your Law Firm

The importance of planning cannot be overstated for law firm websites. Without a solid strategy, you might not get the outcome you desire. This also applies to blogging, as suitable topics can help secure new clients.

The topics shared below are based on in-depth industry analysis and will help you target the right audience.

  • Turn FAQs to Blog Posts

Many law firm websites have FAQs sections. This helps to minimize the number of redundant inquiries you get. Clients also turn to the FAQs section for quick answers to their questions.

However, these answers are unsatisfactory to prospective clients most times. Most solutions on FAQs start with ‘it depends.’While there’s nothing wrong with this, readers want to know what it depends on.

You can explore this idea when creating content for law firm websites. For example, a 1-paragraph answer on your FAQs section can quickly turn into a 1000-word article that’ll grip the attention of your prospective clients.

  • Guides on Target Areas of Practice

Your area of expertise is your greatest strength, and you need to utilize it to your advantage. You need to generate blog posts about your specific practice area to reach potential clients. This will help internet searchers find the answers they need. Do not restrict yourself when doing this; there are so many questions to answer.

If you’re a personal injury lawyer, writing what to do after a work injury, car accident, or slip and fall is an excellent idea for blog content. For example, a family lawyer can write about the division of property.

A DUI attorney can also write about how to get a temporary license and what to do when caught driving under the influence. Such content is evergreen, meaning it’ll remain relevant for years and show your expertise in your practice area.

  • Law Updates

Another blog topic you can explore to drive leads for your law firm is law updates. When the law changes, people need to know about them. They’re timely, and their impact on cities and states makes them essential. When you create such blog content for law firm websites, it puts you ahead of the competition.

Visitors would see you as a reliable source of information, and it will show your expertise in the legal industry. You can even take things further by sharing insight about these changes and how they’ll affect the public.

  • Case Results

Blogging is a great way to share successful cases your firm tried and won. You can describe lawsuits and how your law firm played a significant role in winning. You don’t have to share confidential information, just general details. People like to know they have a better chance of winning their case. Therefore, case results can help you gain trust and authority with prospective clients.

This is also a way to take credit for your wins before your competitors do. You can take it further and share your professional opinion about high-profile cases. Doing this will also position your law firm as an authority on such topics.

  • How Lawsuits work

Most people are clueless about what to expect when they file a lawsuit. It’s no wonder most people do not like going to court. Doing this will also prepare them for the courtroom, as most people have no idea what happens when they miss a court date and how to handle opposing lawyers.

When you help them understand the common legal issues and what to expect, you’re helping to build trust for your law firm. You can even explain how to avoid a trial, as this is a common fear for most people.

  • Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Some people think they can take on the legal process alone. Through this blog topic for your law firm website, you can explain the consequence of going through complex trials without an experienced lawyer. Explaining the number of things that could go wrong would compel visitors to hire you.

  • Seasonal Content

There are periods in a year where some types of cases are higher than ever. An example is higher car accidents during the winter season. Weddings are higher during the summer, calling for prenuptial agreements. A DUI lawyer can create posts about drinking and driving during the holiday season.

EverConvert Creates Excellent Content for Law Firm Websites 

Creating content for your website is crucial because it generates traffic. In addition, creating and publishing relevant blog posts for your readers gives you a better chance of converting leads. If you need assistance creating blog topics for your law firm website, we’re happy to help.

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