Do’s and Don’ts in Law Firm Advertising

Working with a digital marketing agency specializing in the legal industry is the best decision if you want your law firm advertising to be both effective and compliant with regulations. Given the nature of your work, there are strict rules stating what you can and cannot claim in your ads.

Any incompliant ad can lead to severe penalties for your law firm. In turn, you will lose significant goodwill and reputation with clients. Thus, it is extremely important to follow the advertising regulations for law firms to the letters. Thankfully, our digital marketing specialists are aware of these rules and can help you avoid any pitfalls.

In this article, we prepared a list of the most common do’s and don’ts in ads promoting your legal services. Contact EverConvert today to learn more about our marketing services.

Don’t Send Marketing Materials to Specific Persons.

You must never send an offer, invitation to retain your law firm, or any other communication directly to a person you know to be in need of legal assistance. This is called “solicitation” and it is prohibited by Rule 7.3 of the American Bar Association.

Do Develop a Detailed Client Profile to Create Effective Advertising Materials.

The best way of getting new clients is targeting the right people with marketing materials. Here is where digital marketing specialists can help you. We know how to analyze website traffic data and create audience profiles.

Using our experience and know-how, we will create your law firm advertising plan and monitor its results. You will get detailed reports highlighting the results we achieved for you.

Don’t Claim to Be an Expert Without Proper Certification.

The choice of words is extremely important in law firm advertising. Thus, you cannot state that your firm or any of your lawyers is an expert in a particular field of law. This word can be used only if you hold a special certification issued by a state authority or an organization accredited by the American Bar Association.

Do Highlight the Experience of Your Legal Team.

You do not have to be a certified expert to win a client’s trust. The experience is just as important – even more for the average person. Having practiced in the same law field for years means that you encountered all sorts of situations.

Combined with the results you achieved for other clients, your experience in a practice area is a valuable asset, which you should include in law firm advertising.

lawyer advertising is subject to strict rules

Don’t Resort to False Advertising.

Any qualifiers such as “best law firm,” “lowest fees” or “most satisfied clients” fall into the category of false advertising. It is impossible to prove them. Anything you cannot quantify and demonstrate can be considered deceptive by potential clients.

You must be aware that most people have already been subject to bombastic promises in ads, followed by disappointing results. Thus, they tend to avoid clicking on ads using these words.

Do Showcase the Results You Obtained for Other Clients.

You can specify amounts you’ve won for clients or mention cases where you obtained favorable results for clients with difficult cases. As long as those cases are not pending, you have the right to include these results in your law firm’s advertising.

Don’t Solicit or Pay for Testimonials.

You are forbidden to direct a client to leave a testimonial as a condition for taking their case. It is also illegal to pay real or false clients to post positive ratings and reviews on any platform, including your own website.

Do Ask for Testimonials after Winning a Client’s Case.

Law firm advertising rules do not prohibit you from asking a client to say a few words about how you represented them. A happy client will be more than willing to offer a testimonial so that other people with a similar problem will schedule a consultation with you.

Our Digital Marketing Company Specializes in Law Firm Advertising!

EverConvert is a digital marketing agency that specializes in law firm advertising. We provide exceptional service and are experienced in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Ads, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and more.

We are up to date with federal and state rules concerning lawyer advertising. Thus, you can rest assured that all the ads we create for you meet these rules.

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