Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Always Necessary for Law Firms?

As a law firm, having a solid online presence is essential. Your potential clients must be able to search your name and find your law firm, click the clink and get in touch with you immediately. However, it doesn’t simply work like that.

There are hundreds of law firms on the internet. Therefore, a website isn’t enough to attract potential clients. One of the sure ways to be at the top of the Google search page is by using pay-per-click services.

Pay-per-click ads are personalized and unique adverts that can ensure a spot at the top of the search page all the time. This article PPC averts, and for the best pay-per-click services in Greenville, contact EverConvert.

What Is PPC for Greenville Law Firms?

PPC (pay-per-click) is a digital advertising service where you pay to promote your website. Every time a potential client taps your ad, you pay a certain amount. A top search engine where you can utilize PPC ads is Google.

According to HubSpot, Google makes up 92% of the global search engine market. You can create an ad based on the keywords people search for whenever they need a firm’s service. This ad is possible through Google Ads.

Benefits of Greenville Law Firms Utilizing PPC

To help you decide if you should be using PPC ads for your Greenville law firm, you need to understand the benefits of using pay-per-click. There are several reasons lawyers consider PPC ads for their firms; below are some of them.

PPC Ads Top Google Search Results

The top 3-4 listings on Google search results are usually advertisements taken from Google’s AdWords. Therefore, whenever someone searches for a keyword related to an ad, Google automatically ranks your law firm website higher to give you more leads.

Your Competition is Using PPC

It’s clear how hard it is for law firms to get on the first page of Google due to the numerous law firm websites. In addition, many law firms are now using PPC ads to stand out from the competition. Therefore, if you don’t appear on the first page of Google, you might not get noticed at all.

With PPC ads, you’ll be able to attract several potential clients. In addition, it works to provide additional information about your firm and how previous clients benefited from your services.

PPC Puts Your Right in Front of Mobile Users

The majority of people access the internet through their mobile devices. Therefore, Google is beginning to prioritize mobile-friendly websites in search results. If you want to market your law firm properly, focus on mobile users.

Bloomberg study shows that 60% of people click on mobile ads weekly. Therefore, prospects who see your PPC ads will likely click on them.

Since your paid ad will appear at the top of search results on mobile devices, it will take up most of the mobile screen, leaving little room for competitors. It gets even better as you have the option to run a call-only ad. Once clients tap on the link, they can start speaking with someone at your firm. This eliminates navigating through your website to fill out a form or call a lawyer.

You’re in Control of Your Keywords

When you seek pay-per-click services in Greenville, you can also control the keywords you use. As a result, it’s easier to target high-intent searches and micro-moments. When you search for a product or service on the internet, specific keywords let search engines know the person’s intent. Therefore, you can target people who search for commercial intent keywords.

These keywords indicate when someone is ready to ask for more information or fill out a form. When you utilize pay-per-click tools like Google AdWords, it can help you discover the most valuable keywords you can capitalize on in your ads.

Making Adjustments is Easy

When you first create an ad campaign, it isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, you have to use weeks to fine-tune a campaign before it meets your goal. A crucial benefit that law firms enjoy when they utilize PPC services is the ability to make quick changes to their campaign.

You can make campaign adjustments and have them go live immediately by just clicking a mouse. This way, you can capitalize on the signs of success in your ads.

You Can Target the Right People

A big problem with SEO is that it attracts several tire kickers who simply look at the website and then move on. Most of the time, companies hardly notice this until it happens a dozen times a month. While SEO can be effective for some businesses, law firms are not one of them. Therefore, there’s a need to go beyond simply creating content if you want your website to rank high.

With PPC advertising, you can target different characteristics of your target audience. This includes search terms like ‘find an attorney’ and many others. Furthermore, you can ensure such phrases trigger your ad, so you only appear on relevant searches.

It’s Easier to Track PPC Campaign Progress

Tracking performance is more important than most people realize. As an advertiser, you can be more informed when analyzing data from your ads. With PPC advertising, you have access to real-time data, and you can quickly determine which campaign outperforms another campaign within hours or days.

The Best Types of Law Firm PPC Campaigns

There are three distinct types of PPC marketing campaigns you should consider for your law firm, and they are:

  • Ad Campaigns With Display: Google partners with many websites to create the Google Display Network. Research shows that this network covers over 35 million websites. You can become a part of this network with pay-per-click and get fast results.
  • Ads With Searches: This is the most common type of PPC ad. When people search for services you offer, you will appear on the top results. The best part is that you only pay when someone clicks on your link.
  • Remarketing Campaign: People also call it retargeting as it allows you to show ads to people who visited your website previously. You can tailor ads to only appear to previous visitors whenever they’re on Google.

Ever Convert Can Help You Get More Clientele!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to decide if you need to utilize PPC in your law firm marketing. However, there are many benefits when you opt for pay-per-click advertising. Once you make this crucial decision, the next step is creating a successful law firm PPC campaign. Unfortunately, creating a perfect and optimized campaign in a competitive search market could take years.

So contact our legal marketing agency if you would like to create an impressive PPC campaign. In addition, we can utilize our client acquisition services to help you acquire more clientele for your firm.

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