Schema Markup: Its Significance and Why It Matters

Maybe you’ve heard the words schema, structure data, or schema markup in conversations. This innovation is one of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) evolution.

Although it is the least utilized, it is a new optimization format that is one of the most powerful forms of SEO. Once you understand schema markup, it’s easy to boost your website in search engine result pages.

This article covers precisely what this technology is and why it is crucial for your website. We also provide you with information on the best markups and how you can utilize them on your website. But first, let’s discuss what this new technology is.

What Is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a unique type of code that you place on your website to help search engines find and return more informative results for users. It’s easier to understand what this term covers if you’ve ever utilized rich snippets on your website. When you add this semantic vocabulary to your site, it helps search engines understand the information on the website page better.

The data can be stored, retrieved, and readily displayed and analyzed. What it means is that when Google doesn’t understand what your information is about, the markup makes things clearer for the search engine.

Search engines generally index and return your website content in search results. However, the markup returns the data on your website differently by telling the search engine what the content means. By putting the proper schema markup, search engines recognize that your article isn’t just random words and allows it to provide users looking for the information you’re offering better results.

Although this markup aids search engine optimization for sites, it was invented for users. With it, users can quickly discover what a website is about, its location, services, and other pieces of information. As a result, users refer to schema markups as virtual business cards because they provide them with the information they’re looking for.

Why Is Schema Markup Important in Search Engine Optimization?

Schema markup controls rich snippets, leading to a higher click-through rate for websites than regular search results. By utilizing this technology, you’ll drive more traffic to your site.

The markup provides easy-to-read information and connects all the dots about your website, company, and content benefits. Some of the leading reasons why schema markup is essential are:

  • Google understands schema markup better than plain text.
  • It helps users get more relevant search results.
  • It is a form of search engine optimization and provides website owners with rich snippets. With this feature, they can become an entity in the knowledge graph.
  • It provides better branding opportunities in search result pages as your website appears to offer relevant solutions for several non-branded questions.

The Types of Schema Markups Available

There are hundreds of schema markups available because people ask different questions search engines have to answer. However, specific schema markups are more common than others, and we discuss them below.


This schema markup provides searchers with information about your company’s logo, contact information, social profiles, etc. It gives a short but informative introduction of a company. This type of schema markup also makes it easy for people to locate the necessary information to contact you immediately.

Person Market

This schema type provides information about a person like their name, education, address, and family. Google naturally assumes that when you search for someone’s name, you’re looking for basic information about them. Therefore, this schema markup delivers the exact answer you’re looking for without clicking through various websites.

Local Business

This is a crucial schema markup that aids search engine optimization for local businesses. It is an excellent option for local organizations looking for new customers. In addition, it helps consumers find the company’s location and other vital information like opening hours, contact information, address, reviews, etc.

Product and Offer

If you’re looking to sell a particular product or service, this is the markup for you. It provides searches with product information, price, and status. While the offer schema markup only provides the price and the currency, the product markup displays the product name.

With this markup, your product or service can stand out from the competitors who aren’t utilizing it. In addition, it allows users to compare you to other competitors offering the exact product/service.


Breadcrumb markup provides users with the path links that lead to a current page. This way, users can quickly locate recent pages with their information. Overall, breadcrumbs markup significantly reduces bounce rates.

Article Markups

This is a common type of markup in news and blog posts. It makes it easier for search engines to understand the content. It pulls in the headline, published date, featured image, and video if there are any. There are different types of Article Schema Markups available to cover diverse content.

How To Use Schema Markup on Your Website

You’re probably wondering if this is another coding language you will have to learn or pay a developer to implement on your website. That’s not the case with schema markups, as you require little to no coding skills to utilize it. So instead, follow the steps below to use schema markup on your website.

  • Firstly, visit Google Structured Data Markup Helper.
  • Next, select the data type you would like to markup and paste the URL of the page or article.
  • Next, select the type of elements you would like to markup.
  • Continue to select the different markup items; you don’t have to tag every item, just the required ones. However, you should note that the more, the better.
  • Now, create the HTML
  • Use the Structured Data Testing Tool to discover what your page will look like with the included markup.
  • Then add the generated schema markup to your web page by going to the CMS or source code. Add the highlighted snippets in the ideal sports. Alternatively, you can simply download the generated HTML file and paste it into the CMS or source code.

We Can Help You Implement the Right Schema Markups for Search Engine Optimization

As simple as schema markups look, it can be confusing to know the ideal markups to use and how to implement them. Few websites and businesses are using this SEO tool. Therefore, it is a great way to stand out from your competitors. Schema markup is going to be around for quite a while. Therefore, this is the ideal time to utilize it to improve your search result appearances.

Our digital marketing services at EverConvert include schema markups, amongst many others. In addition, we can help you optimize your website using different search engine techniques that help it rank higher on search results. Our goal is to place you ahead of the curve and one step further than the competition. Contact us today to consult with one of our marketing experts.

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