Service Area Pages: Definition and Appropriate Utilization

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to promote your law firm. Service area pages, commonly referred to as “area served” pages, can help you improve your search engine optimization.

The service area page is a part of your website that focuses on the specific regions you serve and what services you offer them. EverConvert provides SEO services in Greenville and can help you promote your service area page.

What Are Service Area Pages?

A service area page on your website consists of unique content about a particular service your business offers in any region. Each page is adapted to a specific location and contains the details of your services to local clients.

Usually, each place you serve would have its service area page. However, you can have as many different service area pages if you deliver your services to towns, cities, or counties in that area.

A service area page also informs visitors about where you operate, what you do, and other details about your law firm.

Advantages of Using a Service Area Page 

A service area page is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Some advantages of using one for your business are:

  • To Get the Ideal Clients

The main goal of starting a business is to provide your services to those who need them. However, people in your target market are not searching for your law firm. Instead, they are looking for the services you provide.

That is why it is essential to be available to your clients, and a service area page helps with this. It defines the services you offer and the areas where you provide them. As a result, prospective clients know where to find you.

  • Gives Your Website Structure

Utilizing a service area page helps highlight the vital components of your website. In addition, it gives your site the structure needed to rank well on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. These search engines crawl your website and place you among search results when users enter queries about the services you offer.

  • Improve Your Website Ranking

The objective of the service area page is to highlight the legal services you deliver while providing a little information about your firm and its unique quality. They motivate visitors to hire you and help increase conversions.

A good service area page can also substitute for your homepage. Someone searching for your specialty could find your service area page before finding your homepage.

  • To Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

If you provide services for multiple locations within a metropolitan area, you can also create a service area page for each city or town you work. It also includes districts, communities, or even prominent landmarks.

The more pages you add to your site, the more significant the SEO boost you’ll likely get. Finally, including external and internal links to your service area will boost your SEO.

What Should a Service Area Page Contain?

Users typically search for services in a city close to their area. Therefore, service area pages are a must-have in boosting the possibility of your law firm being located in every town it is located.

A service area page should include:

  • Attractive Visual Elements

The theme of each page should be enlightening and include a call to action prompt that encourage potential clients to take action and engage in your services. Also, make your site visually appealing. For example, use images and other visual entities.

A poorly designed service area page is not beneficial. Prospective clients may get discouraged and leave.

  • The Local Areas

If you render services in multiple cities or towns, you must have a service area page for each location. Make a list of all the areas you are based in order of the population. You might want to focus on the most crowded places first.

  • Your Law Firm’s Description

Your service area page contains more than the location you serve and everything you do for that place. It is essential to state what your firm does. Make the descriptions detailed and easy to understand.

Also, add some of the benefits of choosing your law firm. For example, basic information about the applicable laws, judicial system, and the number of clients represented in the area can also be added to the service area page. But this depends on the particular legal services you offer.

  • Referral Link

If your law firm is on other websites or directories for that precise location, include a link to that resource. In addition, if you have customer reviews that reference a particular area to which you deliver services, you can link directly to those.

Use keywords and phrases in your service area pages and work on various long-tail keywords based on geographic locations.

  • Unique Content 

Note that each service area page must be authentic, original, and written correctly. Also, it must be beneficial to potential clients looking for your services. You can not duplicate one service area page and change the city name.

Search engines like Google will not accept such duplicates. As a result, your site could be penalized for incompetence, eliminated, or severely demoted in rankings.

  • A Few Details

Remember that strangers are also viewing your service area pages. Therefore, be sure that you only provide relevant information.

Service Area Page and Local SEO

One of the most powerful search engine optimization tools is local SEO. However, if you are in a large area, you may have competitors. So, by adding service area pages to your website, you increase your visibility and gain an advantage in organic search results.

Do You Need a Service Area Page for Your Website in Greenville?

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