Navigating Social Media Algorithms: Tips for Better Organic Reach

Social media presence is a must for any business these days. Whether you have an international presence or serve just your local community, our digital marketing agency recommends creating profiles on the most popular social media platforms and being active on them. However, you cannot post on a business account as you do on your personal profile. You must understand and follow social media algorithms in order to obtain the desired results.

One of the visible results of an effective social media marketing strategy is the organic reach – which means that your posts reach a large number of people without any kind of paid advertising. Let us discuss how social media platforms analyze and rate posts in order to determine which ones will be more visible to users than others.

What Are the Most Important Social Media Algorithms?

Although all platforms have a specific in terms of post format, tone of voice and community guidelines, all of them use the following algorithms:

  • User engagement – posts that many users engage with are more visible. Engagement involves any of the three actions users can take: liking, commenting and sharing
  • Relevance – social media algorithms show users posts that are relevant to their demographic profile and interests
  • Timeliness – fresh content usually appears first, especially on social media platforms that favor disappearing content, such as Instagram and Facebook Stories
  • Content type – the algorithm prioritizes between links, text and visual posts depending on the user’s history of interactions with other posts on the platform

How to Increase Organic Reach Based on the Way Social Media Algorithms Work

Looking at the algorithms above, specialists have created a list of best practices to increase the visibility of social media posts. These are:

1. Create High Quality Content

Just like in content marketing, quality is more important than quantity and keyword optimization. Social media is all about being social – creating and keeping conversations alive.

Brands do this by sharing content which users find interesting, useful and entertaining. Remember to be authentic and maintain a consistent brand voice.

social media marketing involves careful consideration of many factors

2. Know Your Audience

Before you start posting on your business social media profiles, know your customer persona and make sure that your content matches their interests. Continue to monitor analytical data on all social media platforms and understand who your followers are, what they want and how they interact with your posts.

This constant analysis allows our digital marketing specialists to identify potential opportunities for your business to grow and fill a gap in the market not served by your competitors.

3. Embrace Storytelling

Telling a story is the oldest form of communication and engagement between people. And brands must learn how to build their story and make sure that the way they tell it resonates with their customers’ values, likes, interests and needs.

Brand storytelling can take many forms on social media, from a tour of your facility and meeting the team to short and compelling snippets showing how your products are made and how you serve customers.

4. Create Shareable Content

Before you hit the “Post” button, ask yourself: would my followers want their friends to see my post? Would they share it to their profile or another social media platform? Shareable content is king as far as social media algorithms are concerned.

So, don’t just post something because the posting calendar says so. Make it meaningful and valuable for your audience.

Let the EverConvert Team Manage Your Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Managing the social media presence of your business on several platforms is hard and time-consuming work. But for the EverConvert team, this is just a bit of the everyday work we do on behalf of many businesses like yours.

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