X Marketing Strategies: From Hashtags to Trending Topics

If you are an active user on X (formerly Twitter), you know how quickly everything happens on the timeline. Blink your eyes once, and you have a dozen new posts shared by users you’re following. As a business owner, you need an experienced digital marketing agency to harness the potential of X marketing and help you grow your business.

Let us discuss a few particular aspects of creating and running an effective social media marketing strategy on X.

1. The Hashtag Rules Supreme

Hashtags (for example: #digitalmarketing) are now used on all social media platforms – including the white collar LinkedIn platform. They first appeared on Twitter (renamed X after a change in company ownership) and they continue to remain an essential part of communicating and promoting interesting topics on this platform.

Hashtags play various roles:

  • They help users find conversations on specific topics
  • They allow anyone to share their opinion on a topic
  • They are frequently used by people who want to promote a cause and make it popular

Businesses often join the hashtag bandwagon in the hope of getting increased visibility and engagement. But, when it comes to X marketing, it is essential to understand the background story for each hashtag. Otherwise you may end up committing a major faux pas – like some big brands, whose lack of judgment still lives in infamy.

2. Content Is King, but Engagement Is Queen

X marketing has nothing in common with strategies which may be adapted from one social media platform to another. Here are just a few specific features of this platform:

  • You most post consistently, several times each day – but do not overshare or write trivial posts just to make up the number
  • Answer messages promptly – within minutes
  • Although the character count per post increased to 280, strive to keep your posts within the initial 140 characters limit
  • Initiate or join real-time conversations on topic relevant to your business and industry
  • Celebrate your followers by publicly thanking them whenever you reach a milestone (for example 10,000 followers)
  • Follow industry leaders and build communities around your field of business

visual posts are extremely engaging on X platform

3. Don’t Shy Away from Visual Posts

Digital marketing specialists recommend spicing up your X posting calendar with various visuals, such as photos, videos and animated GIFs. Given the fleeting nature of X posts visibility, focus on sharp and relevant images, which draw the users’ attention.

When it comes to videos, try to keep them less than 3 minutes – although the maximum length allowed by the platform is currently 10 minutes.

4. Take Advantage of Trending Topics

Trending topics represent the most popular hashtags in a specific geographic area. They appear in a separate box together with the number of posts including each hashtag. Trending topics help you understand the users’ preferences and what is popular at the moment.

Just like with the regular hashtags, before joining a trending topic, consider:

  • If it aligns with your brand values
  • If you really understand the meaning of the trend
  • If you can add value to the general topic with your contribution
  • If it relates to a sensitive current event, which is not appropriate to discuss as a brand

The EverConvert Specialists Know Everything about X Marketing!

Despite the controversies surrounding its rebranding and new owner, X remains one of the most popular social media platforms. The EverConvert team knows just how effective X marketing can be, after creating strategies for many clients.

We know what works and how your brand should interact with followers to gain more website visitors and clients. We encourage you to reach out to us today and start building an effective and over-reaching digital media strategy!

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