Harnessing Facebook to Attract Clients for Your Law Firm through Social Media

It’s one thing to get in touch with potential clients but another thing to win them over. With over 2.9 billion active users, Facebook remains the top social networking spot in the world. You can leverage the power of this social platform with the help of experts who manage social media for law firms to grow your reach and patronage.

As a law firm owner, you don’t have to break your back to draw in patronage on the blue app. Every day, people search for legal services on Facebook. So, you only need the right hooks/strategies to attract your target audience, which is what this article is about.

How to Get More Business on Facebook

If you are reading this, you are either not meeting clients through Facebook or not meeting enough of them. It is also possible that your strategies aren’t working. Let’s change that!

The following tips will make prospective customers easily find your firm and get them interested in doing business with you.

  • Open a Facebook Business Page

Before you can build a courthouse, you must first secure land. That’s why opening a Facebook business page is essential if you haven’t done so already. A business page is the foundation upon which you build profitable engagement and inspire prospective clients to choose your firm.

When opening a Facebook business page, use your firm’s name and description, and include a call to action. In addition, share your firm’s phone number or website URL to make it easy to contact you.

You will also need a profile or cover photo to decorate your page and other pertinent info, such as opening hours and location. A business page will add that crucial layer of authenticity to your firm.

  • Create Live Videos 

If you’ve stayed on the internet long enough, you’d agree that videos add a handful of spice to any message. Like Mango juice over the actual Mango fruit, Facebook videos are easier to interact with, and live videos take them to another level. Long story short, your potential customers will rather watch a live video than read a hundred words of text.

What about pre-recorded videos? Well, those are fine too, but live videos are more effective.

Live videos produce more engagement and require less work in production than pre-recorded ones. Also, there aren’t many fields with numerous unanswered questions, like the legal field. Your audience will feel more important and connected to your law firm if you do a live video and answer their questions in the comments section as soon as they drop.

  • Get Friends and Family Involved 

Your friends and family can easily give your page its first set of likes, shares, and comments. So what’s a more beautiful way to set the ball rolling?

Don’t forget that existing customers also count as friends. If they believe in your law firm, they won’t bat an eyelid before showing their support. In addition, having a dozen likes and shares from your past clients makes your page more authentic and helps build trust with prospective clients.

  • Promote Your Page

Meeting more potential clients is possible with the Facebook page promotion feature. This feature works by placing your page’s ad in the news feed of targeted users who may be interested in your legal services. Anyone who shows an interest in your page by liking the ad will get to see more of your page activities.

Facebook allows you to tailor your page’s ad by deciding on your anticipated reach, audience, and promotion duration. It all starts by using the “Promote” option on the top of your business’ page.

  • Create Value

Remember when telling your law firm’s story on Facebook that quality must supersede quantity. While consistency is important in pushing your brand’s message, do not lose sight of value. Your content must be worth your audience’s time by being relevant, engaging, and thorough.

The way to achieve all these is by focusing on your audience and their needs. Tailor your content to answer their most biting questions and jump on trending topics. When you do this, your audience will trust and patronize you because you’ve been there for them in their time of need.

  • Reviews 

The reason your law firm’s Facebook page must have reviews is the exact reason why you check out product reviews before making a purchase. What people say about your law firm can sway your audience to your side.

Enabling the “Review” feature allows your law firm to receive recommendations from satisfied clients. These recommendations are the green lights most of your indecisive potential clients are waiting for.

  • Be Human and Unpredictable 

People search for law firms that can provide solutions to their challenges. However, equally importantly, law firms that add a human touch will occupy a special place in their audience’s minds. Place yourself in your audience’s shoes and tell stories that capture their situations.

Meet them at their points of difficulty and let them become the focus of your content. Also, never be predictable, as predictability is always boring. Instead, keep your followers guessing about your next move by deviating from the norm.

  • Respond on Time 

Facebook business pages encourage existing and prospective clients to share opinions, complaints, and suggestions. The quicker you respond to this feedback, the friendlier you become. Law firms who respond faster to their audience will more likely win their patronage than firms who keep them waiting.

  • Hire a Social Media for Law Firm Expert

Given the number of competitors, your law firm must contend with, managing a Facebook page requires tremendous attention and dedication. As a result, many top law firms hire social media experts to get the job done.

Your law firm can take a cue. Winning clients through Facebook presence isn’t a task you can handle in between court appearances and multiple meetings. Also, running a Facebook Business page hardly leaves much room for rehearsals.

The tapes are constantly rolling. Social media or online marketing firms can go to lengths you can’t to produce results like conducting comprehensive research and tracking page performance. Therefore, leave the work to the experts.

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