Exploring TikTok’s Relevance for Law Firms on Social Media

Statistics show that TikTok has over a billion monthly active users. Figures such as these tempt law firms to jump on social media platforms to increase their visibility quickly. Although the legal industry is primarily conventional, the growing competition has led lawyers to experiment with TikTok as a social media for law firms.

This is why the TikTok hashtag #lawtok has over 1.8 billion video views and continues to grow in popularity on the platform. However, despite the wide adoption of TikTok by law firms, many are still unsure whether getting their firm on TikTok is the best decision for them. If you’re wondering whether TikTok is worth the effort or how to approach the social media platform, this article is for you.

Below, we examine whether your law firm should get on TikTok and the best way to leverage the platform for success.

Should My Law Firm Exploit Digital Marketing on TikTok?

Although TikTok is a non-traditional social media platform, it has consistently grown to become a marketing platform that drives business growth. Anyone can go viral on TikTok with the right content, including law firms. When users open the app, they see videos from accounts they follow and other videos based on their past interactions with the app. In addition, they can see featured videos on the #ForYou page, allowing you to go viral quickly.

Simplify Your Law Firm Marketing

Law is complex for many people. However, by accessing TikTok as a social media for law firms, you can adopt a simpler and more accessible language as your marketing strategy. TikTok offers a client-centric process and allows you to reach your target audience. By hopping on TikTok, you can speak your target clients’ language and meet them on their preferred social media platforms.

TikTok boasts the most engaging audience across all social media platforms. Although one billion users won’t all be interested in legal videos, a small fraction is still a lot. So when your law firm gets on TikTok and creates short, accessible, and easily digested videos, you’ll stand out from other law firms, not on the platform.

Benefits of TikTok Digital Marketing Campaigns

Many benefits come with getting your law firm on TikTok. However, we’ve narrowed the benefits to five; let’s take a look.

Free Exposure

TikTok is very popular, as we earlier established, especially with Gen Z and Millennials. If you create an account and begin to post videos, you can reach a large audience and gain free exposure for your law firm. An online presence would be great for your firm in this digital age.

Provides Quality Leads

TikTok allows businesses to link their other social media accounts and websites to their TikTok profile. This way, TikTok views can increase traffic on your websites and other social media platforms. Such interconnectivity is an excellent strategy for lead generation, as the people who view your content could potentially become your clients.

Increases Your Advertising Potential

TikTok provides your law firm with free and paid advertising. You can customize the adverts to your firm’s needs based on your budget. With enough followers, you can connect with and further influencers promoting your brand.

Improve Your Firm’s Approachability

Many people don’t understand legal issues; some are even intimidated by the topic. However, when you create TikTok videos, you can easily bridge the gap between your firm and your audience. In addition, making videos that non-lawyers can relate to can help you become more approachable in the eyes of the public.

Social Media for Law Firms: Tips For Getting on TikTok

Although TikTok is an excellent social media for law firms, navigating your way around the platform can be difficult. Below are some tips to make using TikTok easier for your law firm.

Know Your Audience

Unlike other marketing platforms, you must first understand your audience before posting content on TikTok. Ensure that every post you make educates and nurtures your target audience. However, you can’t achieve this if you don’t know who you’re speaking to. So, to ensure you reach the right people, create a profile for your target audience and then create content that speaks directly to them and their pain points.

Create Quality TikTok Videos

Once you know your audience, you can easily create content for them. Ensure each video you create is valuable and informative to your target audience. For example, you could hold Q&A sessions or provide in-depth answers to complicated questions.

Giving insight into complex aspects of the judicial system can also help you connect to your audience. However, ensure you always reflect your brand and flair in each video you make.

Follow Trends

Trends are essential on TikTok and can help you get content ideas to engage your audience. Simply browsing through the Discover page of TikTok will show you what’s trending. Then, you can create fun content that aligns with these trends. Additionally, law firms can also utilize trending hashtags to attract viewers.

Upload Videos Frequently

The TikTok algorithm favors creators who post frequently. The social media platform tends to reward new accounts that are consistent with content automatically. Posting at least once a day could help you gain a significant following.

Engage With Your Audience

Once you post a video, you shouldn’t stop there. Instead, engage with your audience by responding to comments, liking responses, and thanking your viewers for any new insight they offer. Furthermore, you can interact with legal content that your followers post. Quite a boost for your social media for law firms.

Track Your Performance

Finally, like every other marketing strategy, you need to track your progress on TikTok. Tracking metrics helps you determine what’s working and what isn’t. When you experiment with new features on the platform, check your performance with them. You can easily determine what topics, features, and trends to focus on to increase visibility while generating leads.

Let the Best Digital Marketing Experts Help You With Social Media for Law Firms

TikTok is great social media for law firms looking to promote themselves and connect with prospective clients. With a good marketing strategy and top-quality, entertaining videos, TikTok can benefit your law firm. It is a great way to build your brand, improve your website ranking, and generate leads through the social media platform.

Creating a lawyer marketing strategy that will soar on the platform can take a lot of work when you try to do it yourself. But you don’t have to do all the work yourself. At EverConvert, we have helped many law firms generate leads and reach their business goals through social media marketing. We can help you develop a content strategy for TikTok today; contact us to get started.

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