Querying a Digital Marketing Agency: Enhancing User Interface (UI)

If you are reading this, you probably have some idea of the benefits your website can derive from an impressive user interface (UI). An outstanding user interface could be the missing link between your website and the conversion rate you have dreamt of. Law firm websites aren’t left out. You only need a reputable digital marketing agency to show you the way.

Your website may need a few tweaks to give big firms some stiff competition. However, law firms can increase their audience and solidify loyalty by changing how viewers relate to their websites. A digital marketing agency will tell you that outstanding UIs get it right in creativity, simplicity, functionality, and consistency.

The rest of these articles will show you how these factors significantly drive traffic to your site. You will also learn how to improve on them to make your website more attractive to visitors.

What Is User Interface? 

As any digital marketing agency knows, user interface (UI) is the interaction between a device, application, or website and its users. For a website, the user interface captures every element that contributes to its looks.

The appearance of your law firm’s website will depend on certain key elements. These include the colors you use, the text appearance, the layout of the web pages, and the buttons your users’ click.

The appearance of your website will not only give its new viewer an excellent first impression, but it also sustains the loyalty of the older audience. Many users will feel no need to connect with your website’s content if its appearance fails to win them over.

Most law bloggers believe visitors don’t expect much from a law firm’s website design. Many law firms believe that the quality of their website’s content is enough for their visitors.

In reality, the reverse is the case. While users may forgive your website if its content makes up for an uninspiring design, website visitors aren’t easy to keep. Also, focusing on enhancing your website’s UI will make your brand stand out from the crowd of law firm blogs.

Qualities That Provide the Best User Interface

Your website must obey certain guiding principles to have an excellent user interface. To impress your visitors, your law firm’s website must have the following features.

  • Creativity

Every website deserves creativity in its UI design. Creativity makes your law firm’s website catch the eyes of new users and makes your old users miss you. So don’t be scared to try new styles or re-invent old ones.

  • Simplicity

The most successful designs are usually simple ones. Creativity is great, but your designs shouldn’t overstretch their limits. For example, your law firm’s website shouldn’t be too sophisticated that it distracts users from their aim.

Simply put, your website shouldn’t make a user overthink. Display content in small chunks (leaving lots of white spaces), place related elements together and maintain predictability. Keeping your designs simple and consistent remains a winning UI formula.

  • Functionality

Functionality is your design’s ability to meet its users’ needs. For example, your law firm’s website users will want to interact with you after listening to your message. Other users will want to feel in control. Whatever the case, let your website answer the major needs of users. Emphasize the action that will best benefit the user.

  • Consistency 

A website does not only propagates knowledge; it tells your brand’s story. Without consistency in your website, your brand will struggle with recognition.

So, for instance, once you have picked the colors and fonts, stick with them. Visitors will better appreciate your brand when your website is consistent.

How to Improve User Interface Design from a Digital Marketing Agency

To improve your law firm’s website, you must do some brainstorming. First, find answers to several pertinent questions such as “who are my users?” and “what are their needs?” These questions will guide you in the right direction and help you end up with the winning design.

You will find that even the most minor details or changes can make a massive difference. So, here are some ways your website can improve its UI.

Images and Videos

Please your website’s users with images and videos. For example, a group photo will help show users your law firm’s human side. Another great idea is a cover photo of the city landscape or a famous landmark in your practice location. Also, a video presentation of your firm’s ideals and values will add flavor to your site.

Your website’s photos and videos should not be the usual poor-quality photos for which legal sites are known. Don’t be predictable. Give your users a break from the overused images of courthouse steps and gavels. Lastly, let the pages breathe, don’t litter the website with millions of photos.

Colors and Fonts

Not all colors or fonts is fit to appear on your law firm’s website. Colors and fonts dictate the mood. Avoid overly vibrant colors, the prime suspects for website visual fatigue. Instead, choose the one best compatible with your site’s background.

You also have to be selective in your choice of font. Times New Roman, Georgia, EB Garamond, Bell MT, and Roboto are some law-friendly font styles.

Proper Visual Hierarchy

There is a lot of info that jostles for relevance on a law firm’s website. Therefore visual hierarchy is crucial. Your website should emphasize essential elements of your message through a hierarchical order, using color, size, and position. Your site should direct the reader first to the more crucial pieces of information.

Hamburger Menu Bar

Hamburger menu bars will boost your law firm’s website’s UI. Not only do they eliminate the distraction of multi-item navigation options, but it also declutters your website, creating more space for other content to breathe and get adequate attention.

Logo Size

Nothing communicates your brand’s ideals more than its logo. So make it prominent on the website and well placed. Not only does it help users identify your website, but it also looks right in the eyes for logos to be visible enough.

Use Proper Visual Contrast

Your website’s visual appeal also depends on its visual contrast. Visual contrast refers to the brightness ratio between objects and their background. Good visual contrast helps draw attention to an object and tell it apart from its immediate surroundings. Improving visual contrast also involves using the right combination of object and background color.

Worried About Your UI? Our Digital Marketing Agency Can Help

User interface is a perfect place to start if you want to make your law firm’s website more popular and engaging. At EverConvert, we offer top-notch web development services and have a superior understanding of website needs.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have the skills to improve your website’s UI with a creative yet simple touch. We will ensure that every element on your website speaks with one voice while meeting the user’s most pressing needs. Contact us today.

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