Why AI Cannot Replace Professional Writers for Your Law Firm Content Marketing

With an economic recession looming ahead of us, many professionals and businesses are desperately looking for solutions to financial-proof their enterprises. As a lawyer, you know that you are not safe from this worrying trend, announced by analysts from all over the world. You are looking for ways to save money – and suddenly you wonder: can I use an AI tool for my law firm content marketing?

After all, the latest examples of texts written by various such tools are impressive: easy to read, logical, and original. As law firm digital marketing specialists, we can firmly say that this type of content is not even close to what a professional content writer can produce.

Content marketing is one of the core elements of the digital marketing strategy of any law firm. Good content brings visitors to your website and determines them to make a phone call and schedule an initial appointment with one of your lawyers. This is not something you can leave to chance or to a robot – because that is what AI basically is.

Understanding How AI Works

AI, the short term for artificial intelligence, represents the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to perform tasks associated with thinking and intelligence. Using machine learning, these digital computers learn information at a very fast pace – faster than any human being.

However, even the most advanced AI can only mimic a part of the abilities of the human brain. AI has the computing power, but it does not have a mind of its own. And any kind of creative writing, including blogs for law firm content marketing, requires a human mind, capable of generating original ideas.

Why Can’t AI Handle Your Law Firm Content Marketing?  

Writing a blog article requires several qualities:

  • A natural talent for writing
  • Excellent command of the language in which the article will be written
  • Good knowledge of the specific field of the article topic
  • Empathy and understanding of the potential readers of the article.

AI does not meet these four basic requirements and many others which we will detail below.

1. AI Does Not Understand the Subtleties of the Language

Writing for potential law firm clients requires a lot of attention to detail in every word you use. Law firm content marketing is more difficult than other types of content writing because it must explain legal terms clearly to the average person. A car accident victim does not really know what comparative negligence is. They are not aware of a statute of limitations and what it means for their case.

They are also emotionally frail after the terrible ordeal they’ve been through. A single inadequate word may get them frustrated, offended, or angered, and they will leave your website, choosing a competitor instead. AI is not able to understand these aspects and is not aware of the various, subtle meanings of synonyms. This is one of the biggest reasons why you cannot trust it to write your content.

2. AI Is Not Capable of Empathy

As explained above, law firm content marketing articles must be full of empathy with the potential client. They need to feel that the lawyer they are about to contact understands their predicament and believes them. They also need the assurance that their case will be dealt with professionally and that they will get justice.

These are not abstract ideas, but feelings stemming from empathy. And, so far, only human beings are capable of it. A content writer does not have to share the unfortunate experience of being in a personal injury case, but they can empathize with the readers of the article. AI will write informative pieces, but completely devoid of human emotion.

content marketing for a law firm must express human compassion

3. AI Does Not Fact Check Information

This is one of the biggest problems with using AI for law firm content marketing. You know better than anyone else that publishing false information as a law professional can land you in trouble – even with the disclaimer that the article does not represent legal advice. Loss of reputation can bankrupt your law firm – and you cannot afford that.

So, why can’t you trust AI to write your legal blog articles? Because, since it is a computer, it relies on information fed to it by humans. It does not do its own fact-checking. It does not know the difference between reliable and unreliable sources of information.

For instance, if one of the laws in your state was recently repealed, a content writer will stop citing it in your articles. Meanwhile, the AI will continue to use it for a while – until it is taught that the respective law is not in force anymore.

4. AI Cannot Differentiate between Audience Segments

When you discuss with digital marketing specialists, they will explain to you that the audience of your website consists of various segments:

  • People who have just found out about your law firm
  • People who are familiar with your firm, but still not ready to contact you
  • People who are almost ready to schedule an initial consultation.

Professional content writers create articles on topics of interest to each of these categories of website visitors. This is crucial for your email marketing strategy because people do not like to feel that they are being pushed to make a decision now.

AI does not understand this. Once it understands that the purpose of the law firm blog is to get more consultations, it will generate salesy content that will have the opposite effect by driving potential clients away.

5. AI Does Not Understand Your Brand Voice

Finally, if you task an AI tool with creating content for three separate law firms, you will get texts that sound the same – a bland tone of voice, lacking uniqueness. Content writers and digital marketing specialists know that each law firm has a specific brand image and a recognizable tone of voice in all the content it shares with the general public.

This is extremely important because you have to find that special quality that attracts a potential client – be it the fact that you offer your services in Spanish or the fact that you have a lot of experience in a specific practice area.

Our Digital Marketing Specialists Understand Your Content Writing Needs

EverConvert is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in helping law firms get more clients. We know how to increase your website traffic and turn it into profit. Over the years, our specialists have learned about all the challenges of law firm content marketing and are constantly learning how to create the best articles for each client.

Do not risk your constant flow of leads and clients for the sake of saving money at the moment by working with AI tools to generate content. Over time, this will prove a costly decision, one that will be very difficult to reverse. Instead, get in touch with our digital marketing specialists and let us create a tailored offer for your content writing needs!

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