Steer Clear of These Law Firm Blogging Mistakes

Law firms rely on blogs to educate readers and communicate the service they render. For this reason, producing unique content for law firm websites is crucial. Given the stiff competition between firms, there is little room for law firm blogging mistakes.

Blogs are many law firms’ biggest window to reaching the world. Also, they provide an equal opportunity to compete for online leads and ranking. But one error can ruin everything and undo all your hard work.

Thankfully, legal blogging mistakes are avoidable. This article will show you the most common law firm blogging mistakes you should avert.

Can Lawyers Have Blogs?

“Ignorance is no excuse” is a popular saying in the legal system. But, like other professionals, many lawyers are passionate about answering questions about what they do.

Blogs are among the most effective channels of educating the public about their rights and responsibilities. Therefore, the answer to the question on this subhead is an emphatic “yes.” Lawyers can and, in many options, should have blogs.

Law blogs have been the lifeline of firms in many crucial circumstances. There is always someone out there with inadequate knowledge of their legal privileges. A simple internet search has brought many such persons to a law firm blog with the necessary answers.

However, there is more to law firm blogs than public education. Law firms also need to make money, so visitors need to convert to paying clients. One way of doing this is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We will discuss this next.

Do Lawyers Need SEO? 

The answer is another emphatic “yes.” Law firms are businesses. Just like every other business, they depend on patronage to exist. No platform is a better shot at reaching potential customers than the internet. Law firm blogging mistakes threaten to drag that down.

Every day people find answers to law-related questions in law firm blogs. They will likely entrust such firms with their legal representation when they do. Your firm shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

However, you need to have more than excellent blog content. While there are thousands of legal blogs on the internet, the hardest part is making your blog stand out.

Search engine optimization is the key that unlocks the relevance and visibility that every law firm blog needs. Optimizing blogs for SEO can increase your conversion rate, which translates to more revenue for your firm.

8 Law Firm Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

There are eight mistakes that can stop you from being among the top results on search engines. We discussed them below.

  • Writing on the Wrong Topics

The wrong topics are easy to find, and set your company up for one of the most common law firm blogging mistakes. As a law firm, the ability to put yourself in the shoes of an average reader is a pretty underrated quality. Unfortunately, not every law blog reflects this ability, which shows in their choice of topics. While it’s tempting to come across as the jack of all trades, not every topic will interest your readers.

So, it’s best to identify and focus on the issues most relevant to your readers. In addition, your law firm should provide comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions. This way, your readers get value with every read.

  • Using Wrong Keywords

If your blog ranks high on Google, it has a competitive keyword. Don’t use keywords whose scope is too large or narrow. Also, it isn’t about quantity. Many law firms make the regrettable mistake of loading their articles with a mishmash of keywords.

Hence, Google and other search engines have difficulty classifying the article. Wrongly used keywords also make it difficult for search engines to know what search queries to match with the blog. For this reason, some quality content for law firm websites ends up at the bottom of search engine ladders.

  • Using Lengthy Paragraphs

Most people have a low attention span. As a result, a vast majority of online readers quickly get bored. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that. What we can do, however, is to make reading easier. How? By reducing the words in our sentences. To help your readers stay with your content, avoid blocks of long texts as much as possible.

  • Poor Marketing

While your blogs market your firm, you must also sell your blog. Quality alone isn’t always enough, so you must market your blog to make it visible. Paying to advertise your blog and posting it on social media are excellent marketing strategies.

  • Not Using Images

You won’t be breaking the law if your blog has no images. However, one way to lose search engine relevance is to blog without images. Photos, graphics, and videos are pleasing to the eyes. ‘

Images give readers a much-needed break in-between texts. Also, images reinforce your blog’s message. Blogs with pictures and videos make readers spend more time and rank higher in search engines.

  • Not Updating Old Posts

Just like laws are subject to amendment after becoming outdated, old blog posts can become obsolete. Therefore, it is crucial to update info on old posts periodically. Piling up irrelevant blog posts can hinder your digital marketing campaign. While you make marketing inroads with new posts, old posts must reflect new realities.

  • Linking to Competitor Law Firms

One of the reasons for running law firm blogs is to stay ahead of the competition. As law firms jostle for website views on the internet, you don’t want to direct traffic to your competitor’s site. Some inexperienced law bloggers link terminologies in their articles to another law firm instead of a neutral website.

  • Too Much Legal Terminology

Another one of the most egregious law firm blogging mistakes we’ve found is this one. It’s pretty tempting to sound professional and impress your website’s viewers with superior knowledge. However, the last thing readers want to find in your blog is a bunch of brain-racking legal terminology. Typical legal website visitors need clear and straightforward information. If you try to show off, you are more or less showing them the door.

Need Help With Content for Law Firm Website? Contact EverConvert

One question on the mind of every South Carolina law firm blogger is, “How can I make my law firm stand out?” The validity of this question stems from the fact that one error can practically undo lots of hard work you’ve put into your law firm’s blog.

Many high-flying law firm blogs leave the work to digital marketing agencies. The job of online marketing companies is to generate and convert leads for your law firm. But you need to hire the right one.

If you secure the services of a reputable digital marketing agency in Greenville, SC, you won’t have to worry about making a blogging mistake. At EverConvert, you will get experienced SEO strategists to implement techniques that suit your firm’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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