Significance of Calls to Action in Law Firm Marketing

Many lawyers and law firms are buying into digital marketing strategies. For example, in a 2018 survey by the American Bar Association, 77% of the respondents stated that their firms have websites. Furthermore, the Attorney-At-Work survey showed that 96% of respondents (lawyers) actively use social media.

Most attorneys share blog posts on social media with links to their law firm websites, but they aren’t getting many clients from these platforms. Many factors are responsible for this problem. What stands out is the fact that many law firm blog posts don’t include calls-to-action.

Many don’t even understand the meaning or importance of this concept. That’s why it’s best to leave your law firm marketing to experts. Firstly, this article explains all you need to know about calls-to-action. Furthermore, it’ll be best to contact EverConvert for your law firm’s digital marketing and SEO needs.

What Is a Call-to-Action (CTA)?

A call-to-action is a marketing tool that boosts the success of advertisements. It’s a statement that tells the reader what to do after reading your advert. Furthermore, an excellent call-to-action will inspire the reader to perform the desired action. A CTA essentially turns mere readers or observers into customers.

Therefore, this is a smart way of boosting your law firm’s conversion rate. Notably, CTAs always carry an action/power word or phrase. Sometimes, this action word may sound like a command. Websites typically use power words such as:

  • Register
  • Follow
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Buy now
  • Get a free trial
  • Share
  • Click here
  • Purchase

Call-to-Action Phrases for Law Firms

Law firms provide specialized services, though. So, the words above may not capture a potential client’s reaction. As a result, attorneys and law firm marketing experts use more unique action words. Some of them include:

  • Call us today
  • Click for a free consultation
  • Call our toll free number
  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Fill out this form

Essentially, you can craft a CTA to suit your specific needs.

Why Are Calls-to-Action Important?

Calls-to-action is very important in digital marketing. Leaving your blog posts and landing pages without a CTA is useless because you wouldn’t achieve any conversions. A law firm’s blog isn’t just an information resource. Instead, most attorneys want their readers to pay for their services.

Therefore, a call-to-action tells the reader the following:

  • That the attorney offers the legal service, they just read about
  • To call the law firm for further inquiries on the service
  • Fill out a consultation form for consultancy services

However, an excellent CTA isn’t only important for telling potential clients what to do. Instead, a good call-to-action would motivate the individual to perform that desired action. That’s why extra care and skill are necessary for law firm CTAs. Lawyers often include attractive offers in their CTAs to provide this motivation.

Tips for Writing Compelling CTAs for Your Law Firm

Writing CTAs is a skill that you can perfect. The tips below can help you increase your conversion rates through calls-to-action.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Website visitors usually read like they can’t wait to hop on the next website. Many others consistently put off taking the right action. So, an excellent CTA must instill a sense of urgency in the reader. You can achieve this by including the disadvantage of delayed reactions.

For example, you can highlight the danger of delayed legal proceedings. Summarily, let your reader understand that they need to be prompt this one time.

Make Clear Promises

Netizens encounter several false or vague promises daily. So, they’ve grown a thick skin to all such appearances. No one likes being tricked or deceived into clicking links that don’t benefit them. What’s more? Law firm website visitors sometimes need urgent results.

Wasting their time on false promises may thus be counterproductive. So, it’ll be best if your CTAs carry accurate information. Don’t include services you don’t offer just to get clicks. Furthermore, state clearly the result of clicking on your CTA. Will they be directed to your representative or a chat section? Such clarity will help them make good decisions.

Let Us Help You Craft the Best CTAs for Your Law Firm!

Writing an excellent law blog post is one thing. However, such a beautiful piece is useless without a compelling call-to-action. That’s why it’ll be best to hire the best law firm marketing strategists available.

At EverConvert, we’ll dedicate our time to studying your business properly. This way, we can come up with effective CTAs. In addition, our calls-to-action can significantly increase your blog’s conversion rate. So, call us today for more details.

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