PPC Advertising: Tips for a Cost-Effective Campaign

While SEO is a great way to find new clients, it is not the only way. If you are new in business and want to raise awareness for your brand or if you want a quick increase in web traffic, our digital marketing agency recommends PPC advertising.

However, when it comes to paying for clicks, you must make sure that you get the right results for the money you spend. Otherwise, you will be left with a hole in your budget and nothing to show for it.

Here are some of the most effective tips for getting a good return on investment (ROI) for paid ads.

1. Choose Your Keywords Carefully

Paid ads are displayed in correlation with search terms. And the more common and general-purpose a keyword is, the harder it will be to outbid large corporations, which can afford to pour tens of thousands of dollars in PPC advertising.

The most effective keywords for small and medium-sized businesses are specific, long tail keywords and local keywords. Apart from having a less competitive bidding cost, they are also used by people who have a clear intent to find out more about a product before buying.

2. Create Compelling Ad Copy

You only have a few words available to persuade a user to click an ad, so make them irresistible. Good ad copy attracts attention, stimulates curiosity, and promises a helpful answer to a user’s question or problem.

The ad must also highlight your unique selling proposition – why should someone choose your product or service and not a competitor’s?

However, be aware that you must deliver exactly what you promised in the ad, be it a free trial, a downloadable tutorial, or an invitation to attend a webinar.

3. Choose the Best Bidding Strategy

All ad platforms, including Google Ads, offer several types of bidding strategies. This bidding system refers to what you pay for. PPC advertising is not just about pay-per-click.

paid advertising has its advantages when done right

Other available types of bids are:

  • CPM (cost per thousand viewable impressions) – you pay every time your ad is viewed by 1,000 people
  • CPA (cost per acquisition) – you pay Google every time a user clicks your ad, but the cost is automatically optimized against how much you pay to acquire a customer from your website
  • CPV (cost per view) – you pay every time someone clicks on, watches, or otherwise interacts with a video ad.

Digital marketing specialists know how to select the best bidding strategy based on the goals you want to reach and your available budget.

4. Set Smart Filters for Your Target Audience

The basic prerequisite for an ad to work is to be shown to the right person. This is where audience filters play a crucial role. One of the first filters to set is geo-targeting, which means showing your ads only to people living in a specific location – your service area.

Other audience filters available to advertisers refer to demographic features, similar interests and behavior, and search terms they previously used. To make the right selection, you must have an up-to-date and detailed customer persona.

5. Regularly Monitor and Adjust Your Ad Campaign

Even with the best-laid plans, your ads may not deliver the expected results. This can happen for a wide range of reasons, such as wrong days and times for showing the ads or inadequate ad copy.

For this reason, you need to monitor your campaigns constantly, making changes and testing different versions, until you reach the perfect formula for success.

EverConvert Is Ready to Help You Obtain the Best Results with PPC Advertising

Creating and monitoring online ads takes time and lots of expertise. This is what the team of digital marketing experts at EverConvert has to offer. We know how to craft effective ads, and dedicate time to monitoring and adjusting them to deliver the results you expect.

Working with us allows you to focus on growing your business, while we deliver the website traffic you need to find more clients. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our consultants and start building your PPC advertising strategy!

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