Key Elements of Web Design for Law Firms

In some situations, the specialists at our digital marketing agency will recommend a complete website redesign before implementing the SEO strategy. The reason for this is that the client’s site does not incorporate the latest best practices in web design for law firms.

The design of a website is the first thing a visitor notices. At a glance, they will determine if they want to continue browsing the site or find another one. Here are some of the most important elements of web design that a law firm site must contain to attract and maintain visitors’ attention.

1. Effective Use of Brand Colors

One of the first things our web designers will ask a client is a sample of their brand identity elements, including the logo and the colors. These colors must appear on the website and integrate well with the rest of the color palette.

Marketers and web designers know that each color creates a specific emotion or reaction in people. Our article on the importance of color in web design explains in detail how people react to various colors.

2. Clear Fonts and Typography

Although it is one of the main elements of web design for law firms, typography is often ignored or treated as an afterthought. In reality, the fonts used on a website are essential in creating the visitors’ perception of the business.

Just think about it: an article on a serious issue such as how to obtain death benefits in a workers’ compensation case, written in Comic Sans font. What about essential information on what to bring to the first meeting with a lawyer written in a futuristic or gothic font, very difficult to read by most people?

Remember that the written part represents 90% of a website. So let specialists select the right combination of fonts.

3. Simple Navigation

People who need a lawyer are understandably upset and stressed. They do not have the patience or the ability to focus on a complex site menu to find the information they need. If they cannot reach what they want to read in one or two taps on the mobile screen, they will likely leave your site.

the site structure is essential for user experience

This is why our web designers will often recommend reorganizing your entire site to make it easier to browse. However, you have to leave this major overhaul to experts, to make sure that your site does not lose SEO equity.

4. Less Is More

Effective web design has a clean look, with plenty of white space and a clear focus on content. Photos and illustrations do not cover every available area on the screens. There are no unnecessary widgets and add-ons, which also slow down the loading of the web page.

The concept of less is more must be your guiding principle when designing a website together with our specialists.  Simplicity is one of the most timeless concepts in aesthetics, and one of the hardest to attain, at the same time.

5. Make Your Site Accessible to All Users

According to the CDC, one in four US adults lives with a disability. Thus, making your site accessible is essential. Accessibility refers to offering users tools and customization options to allow them to interact with the site.

Some of these best practices involve:

  • Adding written alt text to non-text content (audio and video files)
  • Ability to customize text size and spacing
  • Ability to change between light and dark modes.

You can use this free tool to check if your law firm’s website is accessible to people with various disabilities.

EverConvert Knows Web Design for Law Firms

The team of experienced web designers at EverConvert is always up to date with the most effective elements of web design for law firms. We focus on the legal industry and have in-depth knowledge of the challenges you face and have the most efficient solutions to overcome them.

We encourage you to schedule a meeting with one of our consultants for an evaluation of your current website. We will explain how we can help you improve your law firm site so that you can turn clicks into profits. Contact us today!

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