Unsung Heroes of Legal Content: The Role of Press Releases for Law Firms

The media industry has successfully evolved over the years. However, many things have remained the same. If you want to increase the public recognition of your law firm, press release writing is one of the best methods to do that. It helps spread the message about your law firm, whether you’re talking about a new partnership or you just won a new case.

Although press releases don’t replace a complete PR outreach, they’re excellent for quickly getting your story out. If you’re skeptical about press releases, this article explains how they can help your law firm. We’ll also explore the best tips for press release writing.

Why Press Releases Work

A press release is the most efficient way to pitch news. It communicates all the information you want to share while providing reporters with what they need for following up for more details. In addition, you can frame your story however you want it published with a press release writing, including images and quotations.

When crafting a press release, it’s essential to focus on the most crucial information you want to share. Also, focus on why reporters need to share the story with your audience. For example, if you are writing a press release about your pro bono services, concentrate on the message you want to pass your audience.

Benefits of Press Release Writing for Law Firms

Press releases usually sound like old-school marketing for law firms. Although many other media strategies overshadow press release writing, there are still many benefits for your law firm. We discuss some of them below.

  • Online Access for Media

One of the benefits you enjoy with press release writing is that many publications and websites can easily pick it up. With just a button, you can get your press release across the globe.

Several press release distribution services make it relatively easy to promote your press release across different marketing channels. In addition, a press release makes it easy to provide information for online media, which is advantageous to your overall marketing efforts.

  • It Helps With Search Engine Optimization

Coverage from press releases usually creates inbound links to your website, which improves search engine optimization. However, you can also ensure that the search engines recognize your information and find it relevant and essential by using strategic keywords in your press release writing. According to Hubspot, 71% of marketers use strategic keywords as their number one SEO strategy.

  • Journalists Can Easily Cover You

When you provide all the information the media needs in one place, it makes it easier for journalists to cover you. The goal is to include company information and relevant research data in your press release writing. As a result, journalists will find it easier to cover your story, increasing your brand awareness in several media outlets.

  • It Puts You in Charge of Your Message

You can distribute a unified message to everyone, including prospects, social media platforms, bloggers, etc., by issuing a press release. This allows content creators to draw from your message to create theirs.

When To Send out a Greenville Law Firm Press Release

Writing a law firm press lease can be easy and quick. However, you might be wondering when is the right time for a law firm press release writing. Below are some of the best times for a press statement.

  • When starting a new law firm or rebranding your firm
  • When hiring new staff or attorney
  • When your law firm participates in an event, or you have a speaking engagement
  • When you’re looking to revamp your website
  • When your law firm is receiving recognition or an award
  • When the law firm is involved in a significant court case
  • When the law firm wants to explore new practice areas
  • When you have insight that you think is valuable to the public, it could be about current events, legal trends, or legislation.

Although this list isn’t comprehensive, it is some of the best times for press release writing. Every time your law firm has important news to share that would be important to others, a press release would work.

Tips to Improve Your Press Release Writing

Now that you understand the importance of a press release, the following tips will help you improve your press release writing.

  • Ensure It Is News

If you’re trying to get coverage, you need to ensure that it is news to the public. If it is a story you don’t think you would want to read yourself on a news site, then press the pause button on the writing.

A press release won’t gain much audience if it isn’t relevant to the public. Therefore, you should think about how the audience will receive your press release before writing one.

  • Get to the Point

Deadlines are real, and you can help editors even better when you construct your press release writing the right way. Ensure the first paragraph already contains the point you’re trying to make. Also, make sure that your press release answers the crucial questions the audience would be asking: why? who? when? what? where and how? Stay away from superlatives; always provides relevant links and crucial sources.

  • Provide Valid Facts

When developing a press release, you want to ensure that it is clear and completely free of errors. In addition, it should be something that reporters and editors can use to bolster an article. Therefore, you must check every assertion you’re making; every fact matters, so ensure it is valid to prevent damaging your credibility as a reputable law firm.

  • Look for an Angle

Your goal is to sell a story to the media. While a strong headline is one of the best ways to do it, always look for a smart angle. If you can identify a new trend to capitalize on, it will make your press release writing even more enjoyable.

Once you have an angle, ensure you provide supporting data to make it easier for editors and reporters to support your claim. That’s why it’s essential not to go overboard just to appeal to a journalist. If you can’t back your story, let it go.

The Next Step for Greenville Law Firm Press Releases

Now that you know how press releases can benefit your law firm, you’re probably curious about how to proceed. First, it is essential that your press release writing meets the basic rules of journalistic writing.

Next, you must ensure it is well-crafted and can catch the public’s attention. After crafting your press release, the next challenge becomes distributing it most effectively.

At EverConvert, we understand the rules of lawyer marketing and the best practice for writing and distributing a press release. We can help you master the process of press release writing while offering several digital marketing services to optimize your law firm on the internet. Contact our marketing agency today; we’re always happy to help.


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