Reasons Why Law Firm SEO Is an Ongoing Process

When a representative from your law firm meets with our digital marketing specialists, one of the first things they want to know is: how long does it take to complete our law firm SEO? They are understandably surprised when they hear that it is an ongoing process, which needs constant adjustments and upgrades.

This initial reaction is understandable. In your profession, each case has a start and a finish. Your job is to close cases as quickly as possible, with the best results for your clients. In our job, in order to deliver the best results to our clients – law firms like yours – we have to work constantly.

The case of law firm SEO is ongoing because its key players are also changing their stance. We are talking about search engines, on one hand, and internet users on the other hand.

Law Firm SEO Is a Journey, Not a Destination

The best way of explaining the work behind law firm SEO is to imagine a journey with a curious sort of map. It only shows the path just ahead for a little distance. On this map, sharp turns, changes of course, and rivers to cross show up only at the last moment, when you’re nearly there.

Thus, you must stay constantly vigilant and look out for them, because otherwise you may leave the safety of the path and suffer a mishap. In terms of law firm SEO, this means:

  • Promoting keywords that are no longer effective
  • Getting your website penalized by Google
  • Getting the wrong kind of visitors on your site
  • Losing domain authority and brand reputation.

Discover the Main Reasons Why Law Firm SEO Needs Constant Updating

But enough with the introductions – you need solid evidence for our claims. As digital marketing specialists, we know that our work never stops for these reasons.

1. Ranking Algorithms Change Constantly

All the search engines update their ranking algorithms. Since you are most likely thinking about Google, just take a look at this list of algorithm updates. Last year, the Google team made no less than ten updates and tweaks to the Google Search ranking rules.

While some of these changes are minor and do not require any specific actions, others will require making changes to your law firm SEO strategy. Our digital marketing specialists are always aware of the upcoming algorithm changes and will implement them on time

Why Does Google Make Changes to Its Algorithm?

You may wonder, why so many changes? Why does Google keep changing the rules of the game? There are two main reasons for this. One, the search engine has a clear commitment to providing the best results for user searches.

To do so, they add new factors that help it evaluate websites, such as:

  • The level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of the site
  • The quality of the user experience: fast-loading pages, easy navigation
  • Whether the content matches the promoted keywords
  • Whether the website is optimized for mobile browsing.

The second reason why Google upgrades its algorithms is that unethical businesses try to take advantage of any loophole. Using so-called black hat SEO techniques, they try to bring low-quality and malicious websites to the top of Google search results.

SEO specialists monitor performance constantly

2. Users Change Their Search Behavior

Law firm SEO must also take into account how your potential clients search for legal services. In the past, they would simply search for “personal injury lawyer.” Now, thanks to access to information, their searches are more sophisticated. For example, they will search for “motorcycle accident lawyer near me.”

The changes in how users search for information online are prompted by various aspects, such as:

  • Using voice search with digital assistants, such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana
  • The possibility of searching for businesses directly in map apps
  • The possibility to verify the reputation of businesses on review websites.

3. The Rise of Local SEO

As mentioned above, a lot of people add localization terms to their search queries. The most common terms are:

  • In (city name)
  • Near me
  • Close to (specific address).

This user behavior led to the growth of a new branch of search engine optimization: local SEO. It consists of a series of specific actions ensuring that a website will appear in searches made by people within a specific geographic radius.

This is a very good thing for law firm SEO. After all, you want to get visitors from the area you serve, not from a different city or even from a different US state.

4. The Competition Is Also Constantly Working on Their SEO Strategy

Finally, you must know that your competitors are also working with digital marketing specialists to improve their law firm SEO. They are constantly looking for ways to rank higher for the same keywords you target. Also, they are trying to attract your website visitors to their site. Ultimately, they want to take your clients.

Since the first contact between an individual and a business usually starts online at this present, you cannot ignore these threats. Thus, you must make sure that your law firm SEO strategy is always in line with the latest requirements.

Our Team Works Constantly to Deliver the Results You Are Expecting

What do all these changes, updates, and upgrades mean for your daily business activity? The answer is – absolutely nothing. When you work with professionals in digital marketing, you will never have to worry about anything.

We will work in the background, making all the necessary adjustments and will only reach out to you when we need your approval for specific changes. Otherwise, the only thing you will observe is the increasing volume of traffic on your site.

Let Our Specialists Take Care of Your Law Firm SEO!

At EverConvert we know everything about search engine optimization and all the other aspects of digital marketing. We will make sure that your website meets the most recent Google ranking requirements and the users’ expectations.

We encourage you to schedule an initial appointment with us and let us explain what we can do for your law firm. We know how to turn website traffic into profits and how to build your online brand image. Do not wait – your competitors are also working hard on their law firm SEO!

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