Social Media Advertising Tips for Law Firms

Social media presence is a must-have for law firms that want to grow their client base and their profits. However, simply posting interesting and useful content on your business pages is no longer effective. Our digital marketing specialists know that organic reach is in constant decline. If you want potential clients to see your content, you have to invest in social media advertising for law firms.

However, you must plan and execute your social media ad campaigns carefully. Otherwise they will end up costing a lot of money without delivering the expected results. Here are a few effective tips from our specialists

1. Define Your Campaign Goal and Approach

Planning a social media ad campaign involves answering several questions:

  • What results do we want to obtain?
  • Who do we want to see our ads?
  • How much do we want to spend on these ads?
  • How will we measure the results of the campaign?

These are the first and most critical questions, because they influence the rest of the work. Any error in the initial planning would result in delivering the wrong message or selecting the wrong audience.

A simple example of a clearly defined ad campaign is: We want to show our ads to clients with car accident cases in our local area and get at least 1,000 website visits for a budget of $2,500.

2. Know Your Audience to Perfection

Social media advertising for law firms works only if you reach the right audience. You must know your client profile in great detail. Here are some of the key aspects to consider:

  • What are the social media platforms they are active on?
  • What are the days and hours when they are most likely to be online on social media?
  • What kind of content would attract their attention and determine them to navigate away from the social media platform?

Timing is essential for posting social media ads, especially on platforms like X or TikTok, where there is a constant and high speed flow of new posts.

3. Design Ads that Look Like Native Posts

Here is one of the most important tips in the opinion of our digital marketing experts. Social media ads are effective and get clicks if they do not disrupt the user’s browsing experience.

law firms need to use social media ads

This means that the tone of voice, visuals and general format of the ads must appear to users like a regular post. Thankfully, the most important platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X – offer a variety of ad formats. From static images and videos to image carousels, your law firm can share its messages in an effective way to social media users.

4. Choose the Right Budget and Bidding

One of the most important aspects about social media advertising for law firms is creating a realistic budget and spending it wisely. You can choose from various types of bids, depending on the goals you want to reach.

For example, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, offers a wide range of bids:

  • Spend-based bidding which aims to deliver the maximum results for the full available budget
  • Goal-based bidding allowing companies to choose how they spend their budget: per result goal or by return on ad spend
  • Manual bid: setting a bid cap for all the campaigns, instead of allowing the social media platforms to allocate it dynamically

5. Monitor, Optimize and Recheck

Last, but not least, you must monitor all your active campaigns continually. If you notice that one of them does not deliver the expected results, try to find the reason and make the necessary changes.

Then continue monitoring to see if you fixed the problem or you should pause the respective campaign until you figure out the issue.

Let the EverConvert Team Manage Your Social Media Advertising!

Running social media ads is a full-time job. As a busy legal professional, you do not have the time to take care of this essential element of your marketing strategy. This is a job for the experienced and dedicated team at EverConvert.

We know how to create an audience profile, set smart goals and achieve the results you are expecting. We will work around the clock to bring you new clients, so you can help them with their cases. Call us today to schedule an initial appointment with our consultants: 864-668-2208!

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