Yahoo-MikMak Partnership to Offer Multi-Retailer Checkout for Ads

Yahoo took a deeper dive into e-commerce with a new partnership with the retail brand MikMak. The company announced the partnership on Thursday, January 6th. The Yahoo-MikMak partnership will offer add-to-cart functionality and e-commerce analytics for marketing campaigns across native and display advertisements on Yahoo. 

These updates will improve customer experience as shopping becomes easier because of the multiple checkouts across multiple retailers. In addition, the updates offer companies in-depth analytics behind the scene. However, the latter is due to the MikMak platform. 

Yahoo said the tools allow advertisers to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns and activity across major online retailers. This way, they get insight on add-to-cart rate, retailer sales, product interest, and category benchmarks. Furthermore, companies can get key information that can help drive their advertisement targeting. The latter includes first-party consumer demographics and behavioral data. 

Notably, Yahoo pointed out that while there are high expectations for more people to get vaccinated and return to physical stores, e-commerce will continue to surge, becoming nearly one-quarter of total retail sales by 2025. Therefore, brands can achieve ongoing success if they continue connecting with customers across the shopping journey, offering them a choice and premium e-commerce experience while using a data-driven retail strategy to deliver a heightened level of personalization for consumers. 

Adam Russack, Director of Partnerships at MikMak, said as the e-commerce space continues to see significant growth, it’s important for brands to reach their target audiences, wherever they are. He added that the Yahoo-MikMak partnership will help CPG brands enable innovative e-commerce opportunities across premium inventory. 

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