The Most Effective Content Strategies for Your Law Firm

Content is king – this is one of the mottos of digital marketing specialists. There is no other marketing strategy to replace content marketing. Through content, your law firm can effectively connect with potential clients and give them the right reasons to contact you. For this reason, each law firm needs content strategies tailored to its specific needs.

Every element in this strategy depends on various factors, from the brand image of the law firm to the type of audience you want to bring to your website. Specialists in content strategies will not leave anything to chance, from the topic pillars to the tone of voice.

Content Strategies Are Built around Your Law Firm Marketing Goals

Our digital marketing specialists approach content strategies for each client in a coordinated manner. We focus on creating content that supports your law firm’s marketing goals, such as:

  • Getting more clients
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Introducing a new partner/a new brand image
  • Creating your law firm’s reputation as an authority in your practice areas.

At the same time, we build content strategies that align with the SEO needs of your law firm’s digital marketing strategy. Written content is essential for promoting relevant keywords and showing up on the first page of Google search results.

Content Can Make the Difference Between Your Law Firm and Your Competitors

We know that there is a lot of competition in the legal field, at all levels and in all practice areas. According to a report published by the American Bar Association, enrollment in law schools increased by 12% in recent years. This means that, in a few years, a larger number of lawyers than before will join the workforce.

Some of them may come to work for your law firm. But others will be your competitors. In this context, online exposure to the right audience becomes more important than ever. This is the main reason why your law firm needs the right content strategies to succeed.

What Are Some of the Most Effective Content Strategies for Law Firms?

Let us now explain what exactly we will include in your law firm content strategy and why.

1. Blogging

Among all content strategies, blogging stands out as a must-have strategy. All your potential clients will eventually land on your website, no matter where they found out about your law firm. And this is where they will be looking for answers to their questions.

In most cases, they want to know if you can help them with their case and if you have the necessary experience. These two questions find the best answers in blog posts.

Following a careful content plan, our digital marketing specialists will create blog posts on topics that:

  • Match your practice areas
  • Are of interest to your potential clients
  • Allow you to showcase your experience and know-how
  • Help your law firm promote its relevant keywords.

digital marketing specialists will create your content plan

2. Guest Posting

Guest posts are articles written on behalf of your law firm and published on various portals and websites. A lot of people seek legal help on forums dedicated to specific problems, from divorce to car accidents.

If they read a well-written article, they will definitely click on the link to your law firm website – one of the most common benefits of guest posts. Once they land on your website, they will start reading your blog posts and ultimately contact you to schedule an appointment.

While not very frequent, guest posts have their role in content strategies for law offices. Our specialists will identify the best guest posting opportunities for your law firm and handle the entire process of creating the article and seeing that it is published.

3. Case Studies

Showing what you can do for a client is more effective than simply telling it to a potential client. Case studies are very effective content strategies for businesses in all industries, not just in the legal field.

In a way, a case study is a form of testimonial because you will have to ask for the client’s permission to talk about their case. Their approval equals a recommendation for your law firm.

Plus, for a potential client with a similar case, a case study is compelling proof that your law firm can handle their specific legal situation successfully.

4. Podcasts

Americans of all ages are more and more inclined to listen to podcasts, according to Statista. These audio recordings distributed on your website or syndicated platforms are ideal for busy people. They can listen to your law firm podcasts while commuting to work or doing daily chores.

In this way, you can fill a gap – serving content for those who do not find the time to sit down and read a blog post or case study. Many lawyers have a loyal audience for their podcasts and saw significant growth in their practice thanks to this content strategy.

5. Videos

Videos will continue to grow as one of the most popular content strategies. By adding captions in several languages, you can break down language barriers, as well as offer accessible content to people with various disabilities.

At the same time, video content gives a human face to your law firm and helps make your brand image more recognizable among potential clients.

Digital Marketing Specialists Will Create an Effective Content Mix

Content strategies are effective when you offer potential clients a rich variety of content types on various platforms. From your website to social media pages or guest blogs, our digital marketing specialists will create high-quality content adapted to each medium.

We will create a content plan that helps your law firm achieve its goals – from branding to new client acquisition. At each step, we will submit the content for your approval and implement your feedback.

We Create Successful Content Strategies for Your Law Firm!

The team at EverConvert knows everything about digital marketing for law firms. We will create tailored content strategies that reflect your brand image and the goals you want to achieve. Our goal is to turn your website visits into profit.

We will implement the most up-to-date SEO, marketing, and content strategies. We will make sure that your content is a perfect match for the interests, needs, and pain points of your potential clients.

Get in touch with us and let our digital marketing specialists create your winning content strategies!

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