Tips for Law Firm Paid Ads that Bring Qualified Leads

The specialists at our digital marketing agency will advise you to run paid ad campaigns at specific moments, in order to generate more qualified traffic on your law firm website. This is a great way of getting a quick boost in traffic and clients. In this article, we will share helpful tips to maximize the results of your law firm paid ads.

Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind during the ad planning and creation phases.

1. Be Careful About the Keywords You Use

Recent statistics place the most common two keywords used in law firm ads in the top ten most expensive Google Ads keywords:

  • Attorney takes the 4th place with over $47 cost per click (CPC)
  • Lawyer is on the 6th place over $42 cost per click.

The evaluation of these costs took into account the most popular search terms on Google, such as:

  • Personal injury attorney
  • Criminal defense lawyer
  • DUI defense attorney.

Thus, unless you want to end up spending thousands of dollars and get only a couple of clients, you need to find long-tail keywords with a moderate CPC and a medium to high search volume.

Another important aspect to remember is setting negative keywords when you plan your ads. These are keywords that you do not want your ads to show up for.

For example, “average personal injury attorney salary” is not the kind of search word that should trigger one of your ads. It is most likely that a law school student is doing research before choosing their practice area.

2. Set Up Geo-Targeting Accurately

English is the official language or second language in 86 countries. Thus, if you do not set a specific geographical area for the people who will see your ads, you will get a lot of clicks (which you will pay for) from people who are not even in North America.

Law firm paid ads must be perfectly geo-targeted to your service area, down to city, town, or district. This will ensure that the visitors to your website live within the jurisdiction where you are licensed to practice and within a reasonable driving distance.

analyzing metrics is essential in paid ad campaigns

3. Make Your Law Firm Paid Ads Relevant for Your Intended Audience

You only get a few words in a Google Ad. So make sure that they attract the attention of people who are looking for a lawyer. Delve directly into their problem and promise a solution to it.

This is one of the key tenets of advertising in general: telling people how you will solve their problems. After all, this is why they are searching for a lawyer on Google: because they have a legal problem.

4. Do Not Overly Rely on Ad Automation

The Google Ads platform now offers many automation tools for law firm paid ads. Here are just a few of them:

  • Adjusting the budget and bidding
  • Ad creation
  • Pausing low-performing keywords
  • Pausing campaigns before holidays
  • Running different ads at night or during the weekend.

Some of these tools are useful because you cannot spend 24/7 monitoring and adjusting your ads. However, do not become overly reliant on AI to make decisions related to your ads and, ultimately, your money.

You need to check up on your campaigns, analyze results, and make manual adjustments to them.

5. Match the Paid Ad to the Corresponding Landing Page

When people click on an ad, they need to be reassured in a few seconds that they reached the right web page – a page that will offer the promised solution to their problem.

Digital marketing specialists recommend using similar phrases in the title of the landing page and the body of the ad. If your ad is about car accident claims, make sure that the words “car accident” and “claim” or “lawyer” appear prominently on the landing page.

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