Understanding Facebook Ads: Targeting, Ad Formats and Budgeting

Specialists at our digital marketing agency who work on your digital marketing strategy know that SEO yields results after months of continuous work. If you need results in the short term, one of the most effective ways is investing in Facebook ads.

As one of the most popular social media platforms for people over 25 years old, Facebook is ideal for finding potential clients. Today we will explain the most important aspects related to Facebook ads.

1. How to Target Facebook Users with Ads

Facebook advertising is extremely effective because you have multiple options for setting the target audience. The filters available when you set up an ad campaign include:

  • Demographics: you can select users by geographical area, age, gender, income and education level and even job titles
  • Behavior: you can target user based on their purchase history, internet browsing activity and even the type of device they use
  • Interests: you can refine the target audience based on their likes and interests, hobbies and content pertaining to your field of activity that they interacted with.

Moreover, by using the Advantage lookalike option, Facebook will identify users whose profile resembles your website visitors and customer persona.

2. Choose from a Variety of Ad Formats

Social media ads have a higher click rate than banner ads on websites because they look like native posts. They do not stand out in an unpleasant way and do not disrupt the user’s browsing.

Facebook offers advertisers a wide range of ad formats that look attractive to users and determine them to click and find out more:

  • Image ads: although simple, these Facebook ads are extremely effective. You can promote sales, a event you are hosting, a new product launch or a new store opening
  • Video ads: extremely engaging and popular, video ads can showcase a product in great detail or showcase your professional services
  • Carousel ads: within a single ad unit, you can include up to 10 images or videos. This ad format is ideal for promoting a selection of related products which may attract a client
  • Collection ads: these ads allow you to showcase various products from your catalog, customized by the Facebook algorithm to match each user’s interests

social media advertising is very effective if done right

3. Flexibility in Setting the Budget for Your Facebook Ads

Digital marketing specialists know that an ad campaign is effective as long as you get a good return on investment (ROI). It is extremely important to set your ad budget correctly. You don’t want to pay too much. However, if your budget is too small, your ads will not show to all the eligible audience.

Facebook allows advertisers to choose one of the following four budgeting methods:

  • Campaign budget – with this option, you set one budget for all your ad campaigns, and it is distributed in real time to all of them. Ads which are better performing will receive a larger share of the budget.
  • Ad set budget – you get more control, as you set up the budget manually for each ad set. This is a good idea if each ad set has different goals or significant differences in the audience sizes.
  • Daily budget – ideal for beginners, who want to start small with a few ads running for a short period of time. You set a daily budget for the entire campaign, and once the limit for the day is reached, the ads stop showing until the next day.
  • Lifetime budget – you specify a total budget for the entire duration of the campaign. This type of budgeting is useful if you do not want to exceed a certain spend amount.

The EverConvert Team Can Help You Create and Run Effective Facebook Ads!

The digital marketing specialists at EverConvert know how to obtain the best result with a smart mix of Facebook ads and bidding strategies. We are constantly up to date with the trends and also keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

We make sure that your ads get exposure to the right Facebook users, who are likely to click on them and start engaging with your business. Contact us today to start discussing your Facebook advertising strategy with us!

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