Best Practices to Optimize Anchor Text for SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, digital marketing specialists leave nothing to chance. This means that we look at every aspect we can work on to increase the chances of your website to show up in Google search results. Among others, we always optimize anchor text following the most recent best practices.

In this article, we will discuss different types of anchor text and how to optimize them to get more organic traffic from Google.

What Is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is a clickable portion of text in a piece of content. It has an embedded hyperlink to another web page and appears in a different color and underlined. For example “digital marketing specialists” in the first sentence of this article is anchor text.

The Six Types of Anchor Text

Anchor texts are classified by the wording used to signal the link embedded in the content. The six possible options are:

  • Exact match: the anchor text contains the exact keyword you are trying to rank for. Thus, a “content marketing” anchor text leads the user to a web page about content marketing
  • Partial match: the anchor text is a variation of the targeted keyword. For instance “content writing for digital marketing” used as anchor text for the content marketing page
  • Branded: when a brand name or business name is used as anchor text. For example, EverConvert.
  • Generic: when you see clickable text stating “click here” or “read more”, these are examples of generic anchor text
  • Image: if you insert a clickable image in a web page, Google will use the ALT description as anchor text
  • Naked URL: you can simply insert the URL of the target page, such as

Best Practices to Optimize Anchor Text

Just like any other element used for SEO purposes, anchor text must meet several criteria set by Google. The most important are:

1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Do not use exact match anchor text everywhere in your website. The best decision is to create a balanced mix of exact match, partial match and branded types. In some cases, generic anchor text is also useful, if you choose the right wording to double as a call to action.

anchor text is essential for internal linking

2. Keep It Short but Easy to Tap on the Mobile Screen

While there is no rule for the number of words used as anchor text, our digital marketing specialists recommend using between two and four words. On one hand, a long string of text in a different color does not look good on the web page.

On the other hand, since most people now use mobile phones for internet browsing, they should be able to tap on the anchor text easily – without trying hard to land their finger precisely on the colored text.

3. Make the Anchor Text Relevant to the Target Web Page

One of the main rules we follow when we optimize anchor text is to give the reader an idea of what they will find on the page they will reach if they click or tap the link. If the page is about SEO services, it is not a good idea to use anchor text referring to anything else – such as video marketing or content writing.

4. Insert the Anchor Text Naturally into the Content

Finally, the anchor text must be a natural part of the sentence. This is why it is always recommended to write the content piece first, and then identify the portions that can be used as anchor.

Keyword-stuffed anchor text planted as an after-thought into the content will disrupt the logic of the text and turn the reader away. Also, Google will notice it, too, and may decide to penalize your website.

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