5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to Handle Paid Ads

Most law firms are happy to work with a digital marketing agency for their SEO and content strategies. However, many law firms believe that they can handle paid ads in-house using the tools available through Google.

In reality, trying to handle paid ads on your own can cost your law firm a lot of money. There is no room for trial and error because every wrong click costs. You want to make sure that your ad campaigns are targeting potential clients within your service area.

Here are some of the most important benefits of letting experienced digital marketing specialists create and run your paid ads.

1. You Don’t Have the Time to Monitor Your Ad Campaigns

An online ad campaign is not a “set it and forget it” task. Someone needs to monitor it as long as it is running – for a week or a month. Moreover, it has to be a trained eye, ready to notice any issues and address them.

During an ad campaign, a digital marketing agency will constantly tweak elements such as:

  • The selected audience
  • The days and hours to serve the ads
  • The geographical area
  • The type of bid (cost per click, cost per thousand, cost per conversion, etc.)

These changes will maximize the chances of getting high-quality traffic to your site and a high conversion rate (number of users taking action out of all users who clicked on the ad).

2. Digital Marketing Agencies Are Up to Date with the Latest Paid Ad Trends 

The secret to a successful paid ad campaign is displaying it where the majority of your potential clients are most likely to see it. This means various social media platforms and websites. However, the users’ preference for one platform over another changes all the time.

Digital marketers stay up to date with these preferences. They know about the audience structure for all major social media networks. They also know where your direct competitors post their ads.

This knowledge comes from constantly monitoring trends and analytical data. It also comes from the fact that we are a multidisciplinary team – each specializing in a specific aspect of PPC advertising. Together, we will make each of your ad campaigns a success.

digital marketing specialists can help you maximize the result of paid ads

3. Experienced Digital Marketing Specialists Will Create Effective Ads

Paid ads allow you only a few words and an image or video. In our experience, those few words are more difficult to craft than long articles. They need to capture a user’s attention, make them curious, and persuade them to break their focus from browsing their social media feed to click on the ad.

Years of experience in the legal industry taught us what makes the average person who needs a lawyer click on an ad. Our ads deliver the results we promise consistently, for all our clients.

4. You Will Get Detailed Reports about Your Ad Campaigns

You may wonder: how do we know that our ads are working? The answer is: from the clear and detailed reports we will prepare for you. These reports will be free of any technical terms that may confuse you.

Instead, you will see clear correlations between the ad and the results in terms of:

  • Number of website visitors
  • Number of visitors who took an action – scheduled an appointment
  • Any other relevant outcome of the ad campaign.

5. You Get Access to Additional Digital Marketing Services

A professional digital marketing agency will make sure that each aspect of your law firm’s website meets the expectations of potential clients. Running an effective ad campaign is not enough. When users land on your website, they need strong reasons to stay there.

Thus, digital marketers will ensure that your site:

  • Offers an excellent user experience
  • Has original, high quality and valuable content on each page
  • Allows users to find your contact information with no effort at all.

If necessary, the agency will recommend making major updates to your website, to meet the latest requirements of Google for SEO ranking.

Focus on Your Clients While We Focus on Your Paid Ads!

EverConvert is a specialized digital marketing agency focusing on the legal industry. We have years of experience working with lawyers and law firms, both for SEO and PPC advertising.

We know how to create, set up, and monitor paid ads to get the highest possible return on investment. This is specialized and time-consuming work. So, continue using your experience and know-how to help clients with their legal problems, while we help you find new clients with paid ads.

Contact us to schedule a meeting with our digital marketing specialists!

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