Why Is Keyword Research Important for SEO?

Building a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy involves several steps and is an ongoing work. As our digital marketing specialists know, you have to follow these steps in a certain order and know what to prioritize in this process. One of the most critical steps – with far-reaching implications on the success of the entire strategy – is keyword research.

The fact is that without having the right keywords, it is impossible to move forward with website optimization, writing and publishing articles, and so on. Actually, you cannot even start running paid ad campaigns for quick results, because you need to use the right keywords in order to get useful clicks.

These being said, these are the most important reasons why keyword research is essential for SEO and digital marketing campaigns.

1. You Find How Potential Clients Search for a Lawyer 

The largest majority of appointments your law firm gets start with a Google search. This has become second nature for people: whenever they need something – from a lawyer to better car insurance – they perform a Google search.

One of the first things you get from keyword research is a list of actual terms people use when they perform such a search. For example, you start with the general term “personal injury lawyer”, and keyword research tools indicate query terms related to it, such as:

  • Car accident lawyer
  • Personal injury attorney near me
  • Best personal injury lawyer in (city name).

Our digital marketing specialists perform in-depth research for various keywords that fit the practice areas of your law firm. Thus, we will generate many lists of potential keywords for further analysis and screening.

2. You Understand How Much Competition There Is in Your Area

Keyword research tools do more than list related terms. They also display how popular these terms are and how much competition there is for each of them. Some keywords are extremely popular among users – these are usually general terms, such as “personal injury lawyer.”

However, there are also many law firms that try to rank for this specific keyword. Thus, a digital marketing specialist will know how many competitors you have both in your service area and in your practice areas. This is extremely important in selecting keywords you are likely to rank for and building your SEO strategy.

using the right keywords is essential for SEO

3. Opportunities to Rank for Low Competition Keywords

When conducting keyword research, even seasoned digital marketing specialists get surprises here and there. These are in the form of popular keywords with low competition. This means that a lot of people use these terms when searching for a lawyer, but very few law firms try to rank for them.

This is a huge opportunity for your practice. Your site can get on the first page of Google search results faster by ranking for low-competition keywords. Most of them are long-tail keywords, which are very specific and not immediately apparent when brainstorming for keyword ideas.

4. You Understand Your Competitors’ Keyword Strategy

During the initial client onboarding meetings, our digital marketing specialists will ask you to list some of your direct competitors – law firms of a similar size, with the same practice areas and targeting the same clients as you.

As we perform keyword research, we will also look into your competitors’ keyword strategy – yes, we can do this and it is perfectly legal and ethical. By doing this, we will get valuable insight into their SEO and digital marketing strategies, allowing us to create even better strategies for you.

5. You Can Identify New Search Trends

People change the way they search online for products and services all the time. For example, until a few years ago, the idea of local search did not exist. Now, thanks to precise geo-location technology on mobile devices, anyone can simply search for “personal injury lawyer near me” and get recommendations for law firms within a reasonable radius of their location.

This is just one example of evolving Google search trends. One effective way of identifying these trends is by performing keyword research. Our specialists do this on an ongoing basis – not just one time.

Whenever we notice that your SEO strategy is not working as well as it used to, one of the first things we check for is whether the keywords you try to rank for are still relevant and popular.

6. You Get New Content Ideas from Keyword Research

Producing original content week by week, month by month is challenging. At a point, you run out of ideas. So, where do you get new content ideas? The answer is found, among others, in keyword research. Looking at the way people search for a lawyer helps you understand their pain points and needs.

For example, a keyword like “personal injury lawyer for spine injury” gives you several content ideas, such as:

  • Common causes of spine injuries
  • The average settlement for spine injuries
  • How to file a claim for spine injury after a trucking accident.

Let Our Team Create a Winning SEO Strategy!

Keyword research is extremely important for SEO. It is also highly specialized work. This is why you should entrust it to the digital marketing specialists at EverConvert.

We have years of experience working only for law firms like yours, and creating their SEO strategies. We have proven results and can help you get more website visitors and then turn site traffic into profits.

Reach out to us and schedule an appointment to find out how we can help your law firm grow!

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