How to Create a Memorable Lawyer Bio

One of the most important pages on any law firm’s website is the lawyer bio. As our digital marketing specialists know, potential clients want to know who will represent them during an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

While the professionalism and reputation of a law firm can be built through blog posts, case studies, and other digital marketing strategies, the final cornerstone is the person who will work directly with clients. According to statistics, lawyer bio pages generate 80% of the overall traffic of a law firm’s website.

For this reason, you cannot overlook the lawyer bio section. Instead, consider it the ultimate argument that determines a person to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with your law firm.

Do Not Make the Lawyer Bio a Boring Read

A lawyer bio is not a resume. People have lost count of the biographies starting with: “Mr. Jones is a lawyer at our firm. He graduated from X university and his practice areas include…” Cue the reader leaving the page, completely unimpressed.

This is not how you want to persuade someone that this legal professional is the right choice for defending their rights. In the end, people work with other people, not with abstract business entities.

You can create a memorable lawyer bio by following these simple tips.

1. Use the First Person 

Do not be afraid to make every lawyer’s bio read as if the person is describing themselves. The power of “I” cannot be understated in this particular area of your law firm’s website. It gives the entire text authenticity and makes it relatable.

Reading this kind of biography makes people imagine that the lawyer is speaking to them and telling them about themselves. This type of direct communication is the basis of any trust in professional relationships.

2. Get Rid of Overused Phrases

If you go to Google and search for “he/she is uniquely qualified”, you will find that over one hundred thousand lawyers make this claim. That basically defeats the purpose of the phrase.

There are so many better ways of showing your qualifications instead of saying it. Tell the readers the average number of clients you helped. Explain what motivated you to become a lawyer. Discuss your experience in various practice areas with examples of cases you handled.

3. Talk About Awards and Recognition

It is not bragging about your accomplishments if they are true. On the contrary, including certifications, awards, and special recognitions is a great way of proving that you have the experience and know-how to handle the potential client’s case.

When reading your lawyer bio, a client wants to assess your skills, not give you an award for modesty. However, make sure that you add relevant and recent accomplishments, which relate to your profession and practice areas.

the bio page is an essential part of a law firm website

4. Show Potential Clients that You Understand Their Plight

Digital marketing specialists know that up to 95% of the decision to make a purchase (hire a lawyer in this case) is based on subconscious emotions. Thus, appeal to their emotions by showing that you understand the situation they are in.

Be emphatic and relatable in sharing how you listen to clients. Understand their pain and the uncertainties they are trying to make sense of. Explain that your role is to give them answers they can rely on and try to obtain the best possible outcome for their case.

5. Share Interesting Personal Facts

There is nothing wrong with sharing one or two personal details that make you more relatable to potential clients. Many effective lawyer bios give a few details about family and hobbies.

Keep this paragraph short and add a little anecdote or inspirational quote that motivates you. It may not be a lot, but it means a lot for someone who is reading your lawyer biography.

6. Be Authentic in Every Word

A lawyer bio may contain all the right credentials and facts, but if it does not sound authentic, then it is not going to determine a potential client to schedule an appointment. People feel when something is contrived rather than spoken with personal conviction.

This is why it is essential to stop rehashing standard and overused phrases (which we covered in the first item on this list). Apart from being repetitive, they sound completely unauthentic.

7. Use a High Quality, Professional Photograph

A key element of a lawyer bio page is your photo. It should be a professional headshot taken by an experienced photographer. As a legal professional, you should invest in a small portfolio of portraits for your social media pages, the lawyer bio, and guest post platforms.

This is just a small investment in your personal brand and in the overall brand image of your law firm.

Let Our Team Help You With Your Law Firm’s Website!

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We will take the time to get to know you and create a lawyer bio that sounds authentic and professional, without losing its human touch. Our job is to make you relatable to potential clients and showcase your strengths and professional experience.

Do not overlook a critical element of your law firm’s website. Get in touch with our digital marketing professionals and let us create the perfect lawyer bio for your site!

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