Is Having Afterhours Answering Service Vital to Running Local Service Ads?

When discussing their plans with our digital marketing agency consultants, most of the clients opt for running local service ads. However, when we start planning how the new leads will be guided through the sales funnel, there is one problem: the company does not have an afterhours answering service.

For many business owners this is not a major problem. They have an answering machine and someone will get back to the client early next morning. However, by then it may be too late. A competitor was available and solved the potential client’s problem.

Here are just a few reasons to invest in an around-the-clock answering service:

1. Afterhours Calls Come from Qualified Leads

Potential customers who call in the evening or very early in the morning do not have a general inquiry – they have a real problem and they need help. They are willing to hire your services or buy your products.

Sending them to an answering machine to record their message does not work. They will hang up and look for another business, where they will find a way to communicate their issue and find a solution.

2. Improved Measurement of Customer Engagement

You are missing out a big chunk of the overall customer engagement value if they cannot contact your company outside of business hours. You can discover new patterns in the way your leads and loyal customers prefer to contact you.

In turn, these new data can be added to your buyer persona, helping your company rethink its marketing and advertising strategy. This may mean changing the hours when your local service ads are running, or even segmenting the main audience into different groups.

3. Your Business Will Save Money

Virtual receptionists or AI-powered chatbots on your website do the work of an entire customer service department at a fraction of the cost. These services work 24/7, 365 days per year, without interruptions for legal holidays, annual leave or sick days.

24/7 answering service is essential for businesses

As for the cost, you will pay a nominal monthly fee, which is tailored to the type of plan you choose. You don’t have to offer incentives, bonuses, raises or other benefits. Also, you don’t have to worry with employment and tax-related paperwork for employees or independent contractors.

Overall, you are making an affordable investment and reaping constant benefits.

4. Capturing More Leads

Afterhours answering services are not only available around the clock – they are available for every caller. These services can handle multiple calls or chats at the same time. And this is something that no customer service department can handle.

You will notice a significant increase in lead generation and conversion rate. In turn this means that your local service ads will have an improved ROI.

Contact our digital marketing team and we will present you relevant case studies, showing the results other clients are enjoying.

5. Improved Customer Service Experience for All Clients

Afterhours availability is not just useful for capturing and converting new leads. It is also essential for keeping your existing customers loyal. And the best way of doing it is by giving them an option to get in touch with your business whenever they need your products and services.

This is especially important if you offer time-sensitive services, such as legal representation, roofing or medical assistance. In these situations, the 24/7 answering service is a necessity.

EverConvert Can Help You Select the Best Afterhours Answering Service!

If you are ready to upgrade your customer service to 24/7 answering services, the EverConvert team will help you find the best option for your business. We know what these services offer and how much they charge.

We also know how to interact with these services and manage them on your behalf. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment to learn more about the benefits of afterhours answering services!

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