Is Keyword Research Still Relevant in 2024?

Many business owners are so confused by the latest changes in the Google algorithm that they believe that keyword research is no longer necessary for SEO. It is all about making your site load fast and following the best practices in mobile-first web design. Digital marketing specialists have data and client cases to show otherwise.

It is important to avoid a common confusion. Keywords are no longer the only factor that determines which websites appear on the first page of Google search results. However, they remain one of the most important SEO signals.

Here are some of the most important reasons why keyword research is still relevant in 2024:

You Can Understand User Intent

Did you know that 60% of consumers start searching for products and services online? And they use different types of keywords depending on what they want to learn.

Through keyword research, SEO specialists can identify various types of user intent from the keywords used for searches:

  • Informational intent – looking for information about a product: how does a robot vacuum cleaner work?
  • Commercial intent – considering a purchase, but not at the moment: what are the best robot vacuum cleaners?
  • Transactional intent – the user is ready to make a purchase and is looking for the best offer: buy affordable robot vacuum cleaner

Improving Content Strategy to Attract More Leads

After understanding user intent, you can start creating content covering all three stages. Here is a simple flow based on the example above involving the robot vacuum cleaner:

  • A website visitor reads a clear and concise article about how these modern vacuum cleaners work and why they are so popular among consumers
  • On a second Google search, they find your link for an article on what features to look for in a robot vacuum cleaner
  • When they decide to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, they may choose your offer from others, or go straight to your website to make the purchase

Through keyword research, you can create a content plan that will increase the chances that a person decides to buy the product from you, after being educated about its features and benefits.

researching keywords is an essential step in your SEO strategy

You Can Find Inspiration from Your Competitors

Searching for keywords can help you uncover what your competitors are trying to rank for. Our digital marketing specialists know how to perform competitor analysis and extract the keywords which you can use, as well.

This way, you achieve two goals at the same time:

  • Your business can find new keyword ideas
  • You can attract clients directly from your competitors

You Can Be an Early Adopter of New Market Trends

Keyword research opens up many possibilities of growing your business. Popular keywords indicate new market trends, such as online shopping, same day delivery and an increased interest for specific products and services.

Through repeated research, your business can understand seasonal trends, as well, and prepare marketing campaigns to attract consumers ahead of your competitors.

Finding Long Tail Keywords Indicating Purchase Intent

Last, but not least, keyword research often uncovers long tail keywords that consumers use when they are ready to make a purchase. They are very detailed, have low competition and almost always generate quality organic traffic to your website.

With a careful combination of long tail keywords and local signals, your business can drive not only online traffic to your website, but also foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store.

Let EverConvert Specialists Handle Your Keyword Research!

When the SEO specialists at EverConvert hear that keyword research is no longer necessary, they respond with the portfolio of clients who are enjoying a thriving success and increased sales thanks to this SEO activity.

And we are ready to do the same for your business, too. You don’t have to figure out how to do the research and which keywords to use. Our team will handle the work, while you enjoy the results. Contact us today to start discussing your SEO strategy with us!

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