Word of Mouth Marketing Is Over – Leverage Your Digital Assets

The internet age has changed every aspect of doing business, including the way companies attract new clients. As our digital marketing specialists know, businesses can no longer rely on word of mouth, but on their digital assets.

People don’t pick up the phone to call a friend and ask for product recommendations. They use the phone to go online and search on Google or ask their social media friends for ideas. They are more likely to discover your products and services by interacting with your digital assets than by asking a neighbor.

Let us discuss the role of your digital assets in today’s business world:

1. Company Website

Your company’s website is at the core of the digital marketing strategy. This is the most important asset in the cyber world. Whether you use it as an online shop to sell products or a presentation of your company, business vision and products or services, the company website is often the first touchpoint for a potential client.

A significant number of consumers discover a business by conducting a Google search. Using search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing specialists can make your website show up on searches for keywords related to your products and services.

2. Written Content

Written content remains king in digital marketing. It is not only the vehicle for promoting keywords, but the most effective way of winning customer’s trust through helpful and well-written articles and downloadable materials.

These digital assets are extremely varied and versatile:

  • Blog posts published on your websites
  • E-books and white papers you can offer subscribers to download
  • Long-form articles published on guest post websites
  • Brand story posted on your website and social media profiles

3. Videos

Videos are equally important digital assets for businesses that want to grow and increase their market share. They are the preferred option for consuming content especially for Gen Z – who are ready to join the workforce and become a relevant age group of consumers for most companies.

customers go online to find products and services

Some of the most effective types of videos your business should create are:

  • Presentation of your company
  • Product demonstration and showcasing
  • Behind the scene images showcasing your team at work
  • Product launches
  • Step by step tutorials
  • Brand story

If you need help with crafting branded videos, contact our digital marketing specialists.

3. Social Media Profiles

Being present and active on social media is critical for businesses. This is where they can attract leads and start guiding them through the sales funnel. But this is not all. Social selling is a growing and unstoppable trend.

Statistics show that purchases starting from a social media post almost doubled in value from 2020 to 2023. And it is expected to continue on the same growing trend, at a 28.4% annual pace, reaching a global value of $3.37 trillion by 2028.

4. Marketing Emails

Despite a lot of hue and cry from so-called marketing gurus, email is not dead. In fact, it remains one of the most effective ways of:

  • Maintaining brand visibility
  • Keeping your clients loyal
  • Retaining customers who were ready to turn to competitors

Carefully planned email marketing campaigns are essential during the holiday sale seasons and for the successful launch of a new product, among others.

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