Effective Content Marketing: Newsletters and Their Impact on Thriving Legal Firms

Did you know that email newsletter writing services are essential components of content marketing for your law firm? Newsletters are emails that lawyers send to clients to keep them updated on the latest happenings in the firm.

Like copywriting, social media posts, blogging, and other types of content, they are a crucial way to engage your clients. They also provide a medium through which you can build trust in your audience and convert them to clients.

Including content marketing tips in a newsletter is called newsletter marketing. When done correctly, newsletter marketing will ensure that you remain connected with your leads and retain past clients. Unfortunately, many lawyers miss the mark with newsletters and end up with content that clients ignore.

We’ll let you in on all you need to know about newsletter marketing for lawyers in this article. We’ll emphasize the practical content marketing strategies top law firms use to create newsletters that yield the best results. Let’s begin.

Why Must My Law Firm Invest in Newsletter Marketing

Emails are vital to a company’s overall success. Here’s why your law firm must take newsletter marketing very seriously:

  • Cost-Effective and Convenient Method of Passing Your Message

Newsletter marketing is one of the most inexpensive digital marketing strategies for promoting your legal services. It also offers numerous advantages over many other communication methods. For example, newsletters help target your messages to the required audience so that other platforms can’t.

For example, it isn’t easy to pass your message across to your target audience via social media because it’s too crowded. In addition, phone calls and texts can be annoying and invasive.

Meanwhile, with email newsletters, your messages are personal but not intrusive. So it’s no wonder why 81% of B2B marketers use email newsletters more than every other content marketing form.

  • Essential Aspect of Your Law Firm’s Sale Funnel 

Newsletters are the cornerstone of your law office’s email marketing strategy. They’re one of the best methods for nurturing leads and building your firm over time.

While it’s wise to focus on capturing leads, the follow-up process is essential to converting visitors to paying clients. With newsletters, you can build an emotional connection with your prospects that spurs them to pay for a legal service.

  • It Establishes Brand Authority

Brand authority is one of the best reasons to invest in newsletter writing services for your law firm. With newsletters, you can quickly establish yourself as an industry leader in a practice area. For example, if you’re a personal injury firm, putting content on medical negligence, car accidents, etc., demonstrates your vast knowledge.

  • Minimal Efforts, Great Results 

When it comes to high return on investments (ROI), email newsletter marketing is king. For every 1 dollar spent, emails generate $42 profit (a whopping 4,200% ROI).

Little wonder Statista projects that the global email marketing industry will increase to $17.9 billion in 2027. With assistance from a digital marketing company like EverConvert, this creates an opportunity for excellent outcomes with minimal effort.

What Content Marketing Principles Do Lawyers Apply to Their Newsletters?

Here’s how high-performing law firms infuse content marketing in their newsletters to drive their brand goals and objectives:

  • Use Creative Headlines and a Strong Introduction 

One practical content marketing tip for your email newsletter is to focus on the headlines and introduction. That’s how to make sure that you’re creating something that grabs your audience’s attention at a glance. Otherwise, even if your content is valuable and exciting, it’ll seem boring from the beginning, and readers may ignore it.

  • Define Your Target Audience Clearly By Creating a Newsletter Email List

One of the essentials in content marketing is having a clearly-defined target audience. This principle is also vital in newsletter writing. Without knowing your audience, you’ll craft newsletters that mean nothing to the recipients, no matter how interesting they may be.

An email list is one way to ensure that you’re delivering relevant content to your target audience. For example, imagine that you’re a family lawyer engaged in divorce, adoption, and child custody matters. Email lists divide your target audience into those categories to avoid sending divorce content to parents aiming to adopt children.

After creating your email lists, you can add your clients manually and get them organically from your website’s email subscribers.

  • Be Consistent With Delivering Valuable Content 

There’ll be no content marketing without content, which also applies to newsletters. Your newsletters must be consistent enough to keep your brand top on your clients minds. However, you must make sure not to overdo it.

Again, ensure that you’re delivering helpful content that your clients and leads will benefit from.

  • Keep the Legal Jargon Away 

Valuable and engaging newsletters are clear, concise, and devoid of legal jargon that your clients do not understand. On the other hand, if your newsletters are confusing and difficult to read, your audience will likely unsubscribe or delete them.

So, ensure that you write them in simple language without grammatical errors. Then, before you send your newsletters, proofread them to check for mistakes.

  • Have a Clear CTA

Newsletters shouldn’t be salesy — there are other platforms for that. The aim is to engage your clients through valuable information, so ditch or limit the sales pitches.

However, this doesn’t mean you can do away with a solid Call-to-Action (CTA). On the contrary, your CTAs should influence your readers to contact you for questions or additional information.

What Should My Law Office’s Newsletter Include?

There are numerous ways to generate content for your email newsletter. If you’ve run out of ideas, these can help:

  • Listicles (write your newsletters in easy-to-read bullet points rather than long-form content)
  • Case studies highlight successful matters your law firm has handled without breaching client confidentiality.
  • Attorney profiles of new lawyers and staff members in your law office
  • Video content explaining various difficult-to-understand areas of your law practice
  • Law updates (educate your audience about new laws and changes in the legal industry)
  • Legal tips and advice on trending topics
  • Quality blog posts from your website
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get the Hang of Newsletter Marketing With EverConvert 

One thing has always been clear: the day-to-day running of a law office can be incredibly overwhelming. Having to also think about your newsletter marketing programs makes it worse. Fortunately, there’s good news — you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

As a full-service digital marketing company, EverConvert is here to assist you in developing your law firm’s newsletter marketing strategy. Regardless of your practice area, we’ll help you create valuable newsletter content that boosts brand loyalty and retains clients. So do you want to grow an email list or improve customer engagement? Then, schedule an appointment with us immediately.

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