5 Reasons Video Marketing is Crucial to Your SEO Efforts

In a bid to stay relevant, businesses are looking for different ways to up their SEO game, and what better way to take your SEO campaign to the next level than to incorporate video marketing into your digital strategy? While the concept of using video content is not new, what’s new is the continually increasing importance that consumers are putting on video content. But why the sudden interest in video? Well, that’s pretty easy; videos are quite easy to understand, offer more engagement to the viewers, and there are some that also entertain.

The key to staying ahead of the game in SEO is to be able to understand what factors search engine algorithms use to rank pages. One of the most, if not the most, important factors to rank high is to produce content that matters to the target audience. As such, video content is a perfect choice because it provides relevance, flexibility, and the value that consumers need. At EverConvert, our video production department is dedicated to creating engaging video content for our clients, holding the user on your pages longer and leading to more conversions!

Why is Video Important for Your SEO Strategy?

While the world of SEO is continually changing, one thing is sure: Video marketing is a significant driver of traffic. From its ability to build an emotional connection with viewers to its ability to provide you with the opportunity to create creative content, here are other reasons why videos are essential for your SEO campaign:

1. Video Marketing Boosts Your Site’s SEO

According to research, 53% of consumers engage with a brand after watching its videos on social media, and 54% want more videos from the brand they like. This goes to show that consumers are willing to visit your pages if you have relevant video content. However, you should add videos to your landing pages as well as your social media profile. By adding video content in your SEO campaign, it’s easy to start seeing an increase in traffic as well as the ROI. In fact, many marketers have recognized the importance of video for SEO, and 88% are happy with the ROI of their video efforts.

2. Videos Perform Well On All Devices

While people still use their laptops and desktop devices to interact with content on the web, more people are opting to use their mobile devices instead. People want to be able to visit your site from their phones and tablets, and approximately 60% of all Google searches are conducted on a mobile device. As such, it’s only natural that you should want to create content that is suitable for all devices. After all, when a business’s content does not perform well on particular devices or browsers, the business not only loses traffic but also suffers decreased conversions and may fall in SERP rankings as a result. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the responsive design of video content. Videos are fit for all devices.

3. Video Content Offers Effortless Engagement

With attention spans seemingly getting shorter every day, you must create content that will be able to not only grab but also keep the attention of your target audience. Today, many people are dismissive of reading through extensive content and often prefer watching videos instead of reading. Video content not only informs and entertains but also offers effortless engagement, especially when used on social media. With video, consumers can comment, engage, and easily share the content. However, to successfully engage with the target audience, marketers should add a call to action on their videos.

4. Suitable For Every Occasion & Industry

Videos are, by far, the most flexible form of content. Whether you’re launching a new product or trying to promote an existing product, video content works great for any occasion. You can use your videos to educate your brand’s audience regarding your products and services. Or, you could choose to create entertainment videos to spark interest in your brand or just to engage with your target audience. There’s never a situation where using video content is wrong.

5. Video Content Makes Your Brand Visible

Consumers are more likely to remember a video they watched instead of an article they read. One of the reasons why video content is so crucial for SEO is that video content is visual and auditory. This means videos are easy to remember, and when people do remember watching a particular video, they will also think about your brand. Through creative videos with customized voices, animations, music, and facial expressions, you can produce videos that are engaging, emotional, and difficult to forget. However, make sure you to stick to your brand’s strategy to make your videos more memorable and your overall advertising more cohesive.

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Video marketing is a smart way to create content that has a real impact on your brand’s audience. It has an incredible ability to create emotionally driven traffic and sales. Videos have the power to transform your SEO strategy and bring you closer to your target audience. Plus, videos are affordable, more importantly, cost-effective; consumers love them, remember them, and want more of them. That’s precisely why brands must create emotionally charged video content that will entertain, inspire, and educate. The video marketing team at EverConvert is ready to help you create engaging video content that gets the results you want! Contact our office today to receive a free SEO analysis and find out all of the ways we can help you get the results you want from your digital marketing efforts, and remember:

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