Crafting an Effective Instagram Strategy for Law Firms on Social Media

Social media for law firms is no longer a taboo topic. Instead, many lawyers and their firms increasingly use social media to reach their target clients. For example, about 81% of lawyers said they and their firms are present on at least one social media platform.

However, navigating social media can be challenging for law firms. The legal profession doesn’t allow you to post whatever you want online. Therefore, many lawyers want to know what they can post on social media platforms like Instagram.

Others wonder whether Instagram is great for their firm. Thankfully, this article has the answers, and we’ll explain them in detail. If you need help managing your law firm’s social media accounts, contact us at EverConvert.

Social Media for Law Firms: Should Your Law Firm Be on Instagram?

Every social media platform has a reputation. So, before lawyers jump on any of them, they often want to know whether they should be there in the first place. For example, Instagram is known as a visual social media platform and might not appeal to everyone.

You have to rely on videos and pictures to communicate with your audience. Indeed, this may be challenging for lawyers. They are generally used to writing and speaking in courts or before clients. Therefore, recorded videos and pictures may be challenging.

But once you beat this “culture shock,” you’ll discover that Instagram is a great social media for law firms. If your firm doesn’t already have an Instagram presence, it’ll be best to create one. One advantage of Instagram’s uniqueness is that you’ll create unique content and not just repost what’s on your Facebook or LinkedIn. You can thus reach a different demographic than you do on these other platforms.

What Should Your Law Firm Post on Instagram?

Instagram is different from other social media platforms. For example, some things you can post on Facebook will not fly on Instagram. So, below we explain some Instagram post ideas for law firms.

Engaging and Educating Content 

Problem-solving is still a sure way to attract clients to your law firm. As a lawyer, one way of solving problems is by educating your followers about the law. Law is a complex field that non-lawyers find challenging. So, many people don’t even know when they need a lawyer because they don’t understand legal concepts and issues.

Therefore, your Instagram followers will appreciate content that educates them on the law. For example, suppose you’re a criminal defense attorney. Then, you can post videos:

  • Explaining what to do if the police arrests you or what legal steps to take after certain events
  • Defining legal terms
  • Showing the implication of criminal convictions on personal records

Such topics will drive attention and engagement toward your law firm.

Cases Your Firm Handled and Won

Yes, every potential client wants to know if they’re handing their case to winners. Therefore, you have to convince your target audience that you can win their cases before they hire you. One way of achieving this is by posting details of cases your firm won.

For example, if you got a multi-million dollar judgment for a client, you can share it on Instagram. You can include relevant details, including:

  • The nature of the case
  • Things you did to win
  • Steps you took, showing that you put your client first
  • How the win will significantly improve your client’s life

However, it’ll be best to be careful not to breach your duty of confidentiality when making such posts. So, say just enough to pass your message across. Engaging in social media for law firms should not make you lose your professional touch.

social media for law firms concept, lawyer using Instagram

Community Involvement 

Many law firms draw their clients from their immediate communities. Therefore, it’s vital to show your involvement with such communities. Potential clients will trust you more if they see you relate and interact with their neighbors, friends, colleagues, etc.

Thus, you can post videos and pictures of members of your firm engaging in different activities, such as:

  • Attending charity events
  • Participating in fundraisers for community projects and problems
  • Pro bono work and your results
  • Legal clinics
  • Mentoring sessions at the state college or community high schools
  • Members of your law firm speaking at industry events hosted in your state

All these post ideas will give your law firm a more personal look and feel.

Good Reviews From Previous Clients 

People won’t just take your word that you’re a great attorney. Links to a news piece on your most recent favorable judgment may be insufficient. Instead, people want to hear directly from your clients.

If you did a great job, they’d like to hear it from the people you represented. So, doing short videos of your clients narrating their experience working with you will be a great idea. Conversely, you can ask them to make and upload the videos and tag your law firm. These reviews will help solidify your position as an authority in your field.

Links to Your Blog Posts 

Instagram restricts your ability to share highly lengthy written content. So, if you have a law firm blog, you can share the link to your recent posts on Instagram.

The links will redirect your Instagram followers to your blog, where they can read your explanation and analysis of legal issues. In addition, you’ll be increasing your blog traffic with such posts.

How Often Should Your Law Firm Post on Instagram?

Now you know what to post on your law firm’s Instagram page. So, you must be wondering how often you should post. Well, there’s no rule as to Instagram post frequency. Instead, you can find what works best for your firm and stick to it.

Generally, though, you can post on Instagram once a day. This can be a video or a picture. But after posting, it’s also vital that you properly engage with followers who like and comment on the post. So, you should:

  • Respond to questions that arise from your post
  • Give general advice when necessary
  • Recommend that people with specific questions visit your offices
  • Provide extra resources, such as your blog links, for those who want to learn more about a post

These engagements will give you more visibility. In addition, it provides potential clients with an idea of what it’s like to work with you.

We Are Experts in Managing Social Media for Law Firms

Social media marketing is often challenging for law firms. Many lawyers don’t understand this new terrain. Worse, they’re too busy with cases to dedicate time to learn. So, it’ll be best to let our professionals handle your lawyer marketing on Instagram. We have significant experience and skills in social media marketing for law firms. Call us today to talk about your law firm’s Instagram account.

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