Law Firm Marketing Funnel: Client Personas

Law firm marketing is different from how it used to be years ago. In the past, marketing was predominantly done using billboards, newspaper ads, fliers, etc. However, with the evolution of digital technology, better marketing strategies are available for brand visibility.

To reach a larger audience, law firms use broad marketing strategies such as web design, banner ads, social media marketing, SEO, pay-per-click ads, etc. These options can effectively convert a prospective client into a paying one. Building an effective marketing funnel is the key to success for any law firm wishing to attract more clients.

A marketing funnel is a marketing system that guides prospective clients through their engagement journey to conversion. As a result, law firms can increase their revenue and clientele base by providing value to prospective leads.  Thus, a marketing funnel is the backbone of any firm’s marketing strategy.

What Is a Client Persona?

As a law firm, how well do you know your clients? One of the mistakes firms make is not developing enough understanding of their client’s needs.  This is why building a law firm marketing funnel around the client persona is essential. It gives a deeper understanding of the clients’ needs and how to solve them.

A client persona is a semi-hypothetical representation of an ideal customer for a business. It includes demographic information such as age, gender, location, relationship status, or income. Creating a client persona helps a law firm to define and segment its audience for marketing content. In addition, it gives insight as to what drives prospective clients to choose your firm.

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel shows a prospective client’s journey before they become paying clients. On this journey, the prospective clients first learn about the firm and the services you render. Next, they familiarise themselves with your brand and what you can offer them. Then finally, they consult with your law firm and become a client.

A law firm marketing funnel comprises three stages. In identifying these stages, you can effectively customize a structure for your marketing strategy. The further you go down the marketing funnel, the more likely a prospective client is ready to hire your firm.

Many law firms mistake crafting one distinct client persona and assume it is the same representation of potential clients. Instead, when preparing client persona, you should align them with the stages of your marketing funnel.

The Law Firm Marketing Funnel Stages

Some law firms need to attract more prospects to the top of their funnel, while others focus on the bottom-funnel activities. For this reason, your firm’s marketing strategy should target clients at different stages of the marketing funnel. The steps of a marketing funnel are:

  • Awareness

The awareness stage is the top of the marketing funnel, where you get the attention of prospective clients. At this stage, your marketing strategies should focus on increasing brand visibility and attracting a large target audience. In addition, you should ensure the target audience knows your firm and the services rendered.

The client persona should not be restrictive at this stage. It should be wide enough to include people of multiple ages, gender, demographics, etc. Then, as you journey down the funnel, it gets narrower and gears towards a specific client persona.

Your firm can utilize effective content marketing by creating unique content like blog posts that are targeted and optimized to address the needs of your targeted audience. This is done by an expert content writer who understands your client’s needs.

  • Consideration

Consideration is the middle stage of a firm’s marketing funnel. At this stage, the firm should begin to engage with prospective leads. You can generate leads by having a contact form on your website for consultation purposes. When interested people fill out the form, they indicate their interest and readiness for engagement.

At this stage, the prospective leads will begin to evaluate your firm. You need good reviews, content, testimonials, video content, etc., to have the edge over other law firms.

  • Conversion

The conversion stage is the end of the funnel, where clients are ready to hire your services. Your firm should focus on conversations and engagements. Ensure to follow up with their specific needs. Also, once hired, you should focus on client retention. Ensure you convert them into repeat clients who constantly engage your firm.

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