SEO Best Practices for 2024

At the start of each new year, our digital marketing specialists start analyzing and refining the SEO best practices we rely on to help our clients succeed. One of the ways we do this is by sharing the most recent SEO best practices. We believe that being aware of them ahead of time gives you time to implement them before your competitors.

So here are the most important best practices in SEO for the near future.

1. Focus on Improving Core Web Vitals

Google places more importance than ever on user experience. This means that the websites selected for search result pages must meet several criteria. Among them are the Core Web Vitals – a set of three factors that measure how fast a web page loads and how it responds to the user’s input.

These factors (which we presented in detail in this article) will continue to remain among the most important ranking criteria. So, don’t focus only on content and keywords, but make sure your website loads fast, as well.

2. Content Quality Is Essential

Speaking of content, you must remember that only original, high-quality, and helpful content will rank from now on. Google is actively weeding out low-quality and duplicate web pages, no matter how carefully they are optimized for a specific keyword.

The articles you publish on your website blog and the content of your service pages must provide genuine and well-researched information on the topic the user searched for. Also, you must remember that your main goal is not to get people to read your content. You want them to trust your business and choose to buy your products or services.

3. Optimize for Long Tail Keywords 

Right now, it is nearly impossible to rank for general keywords like “personal injury lawyer’ or “real estate agent”. There are so many companies offering these services, and some of them are large corporations, which afford to pay a lot of money to rank for these terms.

Instead, you should focus on long-tail keywords, which are more targeted and specific. For example “real estate agent for studio apartments in Greenville, SC” is not something every agency tries to rank for. But it may be the precise term a determined buyer would search for.

SEO rules and best practices change all the time

4. Optimize Your Site for Google Discover  

Google Discover is a feed section showing on the Google home page on mobile devices. It offers personalized content recommendations based on:

  • The browser history
  • The search history
  • Location
  • Interests.

Getting one of your web pages featured on Google Discover is helpful because this section appears prominently at the top of the Google home page.

The SEO best practices for showing up on Google Discover are:

  • Make sure your entire website contains quality and helpful content
  • Choose excellent visuals – both photos and images
  • Optimize your site for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

5. Pay Attention to Technical SEO

Last, but not least, make sure all the technical aspects of your website are working perfectly and follow the latest rules and recommendations. These are:

  • Using HTTPS instead of HTTP protocol for your website
  • Creating an XML sitemap and submitting it to Google for proper indexation of your site
  • Making sure your site provides excellent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • Making your website accessible for all users, including those with certain impairments
  • Making your website load fast.

Let Our Specialists Implement the SEO Best Practices on Your Website!

These best practices require a lot of time and specialized knowledge to implement. And this is what EverConvert, is doing: helping businesses like yours reach more clients through optimized websites.

We will make sure that your site meets all the Google ranking requirements and latest SEO best practices. Thus, you are free to dedicate your time and efforts to growing your business, while we help you get more clients.

So reach out to us to schedule an initial appointment with one of our consultants!

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