5 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Attorneys

Video marketing has become quite popular over the last few years, and many businesses are using it to help with their SEO efforts, boosting traffic to their websites. But, why has video marketing become so popular? Is it worth all the hype? Can attorneys use it to help with their law firms’ performance? Of course! Video marketing is a must for every business that wants to get its message and name out while staying a step ahead of its competitors. We believe that video marketing is crucial for attorneys, and it will play a significant role in marketing for any firm. The best thing about it is that it has become quite affordable. At EverConvert, we have our own video marketing department, allowing our clients to centralize their marketing efforts with one agency that they can count. Read on to see the benefits of video marketing for lawyers.

Why Video Marketing?

We have noted that now, more than ever before, people are choosing their law firms based on their digital presence. Lawyer video marketing has become popular and is a factor that people consider when choosing the right firm for them. Also, more than 87% of professionals are using video as a marketing tool, so why should attorneys be left out? Video marketing is preceding traditional approaches such as direct mail, word of mouth, and print.

When it comes to video marketing, it is hard to argue against these statistics;

With these outstanding statistics, it is hard to ignore the importance of video marketing as a tool to foster your practice. We will share some of the benefits of video marketing below, and why you need to get started immediately.

It Creates Brand Awareness

Do you want your firm to get noticed? Are you wondering why your firm has not prospered, yet your competitors seem to be on the rise? The answer could be in your marketing strategy. One of the best ways to ensure that your brand is well known is to put out video content. People love watching videos as part of their research process before they commit to a purchase. Most people would prefer to watch a video than reading text. Since your law firm is your brand, videos give you the chance to not only inform customers as they do research but also create brand awareness. Create videos that explain how the brand came to be and what the firm stands for. People will want to be represented by a law firm that cares about their welfare, therefore ensure that your videos will humanize the firm. Also, this is the perfect way for clients to know the other lawyers in the firm and the types of cases that you handle. Video puts a face to your law firm’s name, creating a more personal connection with potential clients.

It Educates Your Potential Clients

We would recommend you to have a series of informative videos that educate the potential client on what they should expect from your firm. Since a video will be your first introduction to the prospective client, it should explain how the firm operates, the mission and vision for the firm, and why clients should choose you. You can create videos on what to expect in different types of cases such as criminal, civil, and divorce cases. In this way, a potential client that had one of these issues will be interested in coming in and talking to a professional in the firm. Since you have educated the clients online, they will have confidence that you can represent them in person.

Check out an example of an informative car accident video series we created for a client here.

Improve SEO AND Traffic To The Website

Since your potential clients are online, it makes no sense to ignore video content as a marketing tool. This is because highly optimized SEO video content on your website will help boost your search rankings. This will move you a step ahead of your competitors, giving you the chance to be the first firm they interact with. Websites that have rich video content will rank highly in the search engines, therefore increasing the visibility of the firm. Higher SERP rankings increase traffic to the website, which shows Google that people find your site useful, which can boost the ranking even more.

It Boosts Your Google Ranking

Embedding your videos will work wonders for your site. It will increase the conversion rates by around 80% and also boost your google ranking. Doing so will lead to more people seeing your page when they make a search query, therefore increasing their chances of contacting you when it is time to hire an attorney.

The Video Content Highlights The Skills Of The Lawyer

There is no better way for prospective clients to know the skills of a lawyer than to see them explain different issues in a video. Using video, customers can gauge the attorney’s confidence and the skills that they have. These videos will give potential clients an insight into the capabilities of the attorneys and will provide them with a rough idea of how skilled the attorneys are, and if they are the right match for them. Additionally, it associates a face with your name, making a potential customer much more likely to remember and come back to you when it is time to hire.

Video Content Can Reach A Wide Audience

Video can reach a vast audience in a short time. The more shareable the video is, the more the number of people that it will reach. Also, with the popularity of social media and social sharing, video content will spread quickly. This will then encourage potential clients to be converted into clientele. These videos also tend to boost feelings of trust as the potential client feels that you are relatable, and care about their issues. Since you are a source of vital legal information, people will be inclined to trust you with their problems. Speaking directly to them will help build trust and even boost feelings of relatability with the audience. We work to make sure your videos are not only engaging and visually appealing but more importantly, that they answer specific user concerns. This can range from answering a commonly asked question, explaining a process, or providing real-world testimonial from a past client about why your law firm is the one they should choose.

Contact EverConvert to Make Video Marketing Part of Your SEO Strategy!

As seen above, video marketing is crucial for lawyers. It will help break barriers and create name recognition. It is for the above reasons that we believe that no law firm should overlook this tool in their marketing strategy, as it can make or break their marketing campaign.  If you need help with your marketing strategy, contact us! Our SEO team will provide a free analysis and is ready to walk you through the process of developing a successful digital marketing strategy, helping your firm find solutions to your marketing problems, because:

Sales Cures All!

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