8 Reasons Social Media Campaigns Fail

Social media platforms create the illusion that gaining exposure is easy. All you need is a good picture and a tagline; the rest will take care of itself, right? Unfortunately, it is not going to be that easy to gain exposure via social media. The truth is you have to put in the effort and implement strategies if you have any hope of making an impact.

If the title of this article grabbed your attention, you are likely very frustrated at how your social media campaign turned out. And don’t feel bad. Most entrepreneurs underestimate how difficult it is going to be to establish a strong social media profile. The social media team at EverConvert knows the struggles you are going through and we are ready to help you get actual results from your social media campaigns. Read more to find out the most common factors that are proven ways to make social media campaigns fail.

1. Targeting The Wrong Social Media Platform

It cannot hurt to have a profile on every social media platform, but you have to prioritize those that make the most sense. In fact, certain platforms are better suited for certain business models. For example, if you have a business that offers professional financial services, LinkedIn is a platform you want to keep up to date. Whereas family-orientated businesses should definitely utilize Pinterest and Twitter.

By researching the best platforms first, it makes it easier to pay attention and devote more time to the profiles with actual “conversion” value. Where are the people most likely to be interested in your business spending their time? That should always be the first question you ask when considering a social media campaign.

2. Your Profile Is Not Old Enough

Ironically enough, online users want everything to load with lightning speed. But they are skeptical about profiles that were created two days or a month ago. This does not mean they will not give you the benefit of the doubt, but everything depends on the strategy you use.

Always keep in mind that time is necessary for building a strong reputation. Trying to rush this process usually has negative consequences; to gain trust from users requires a level of patience. Even more so if your social media campaign is not targeted.

3. Not Enough Information About The Target Audience

One of the fundamental rules of marketing is to know your product as well as your audience. This strategy is commonly referred to as targeted marketing, and for those who are not familiar with this term, make it a priority to get familiar. If you do not know what your audience wants to see, read, or hear, you are bound to spend more money than what you are going to make.

By going the extra mile and learning as much about your audience as possible, you can effectively tweak your campaign. Then you can give users exactly what they want. This is when social media campaigns really start to work for you. Not to mention, you spend a lot less on marketing and advertising due to the information you have and the highly targeted and focused nature of your efforts.

4. Obvious Mission To Simply Build A Following

Thanks to an influx of false advertising schemes and news, users have become more paranoid about who and what they follow online. Users are more aware of fly-by-night accounts more than ever, and if you are viewed in this light, it can completely ruin an otherwise good campaign.

If you only plan on posting ads, do not expect to build a big following quickly. In fact, it can take quite some time as users are generally looking for substance. Using hard sales posts all day long will only drive followers away. Instead, make sure your posts have some type of value to consumers. There is nothing wrong with advertising through social media, but it takes posts with substance in order to excite users and build a natural following.

5. A Lack Of Consistency

It can be discouraging when users do not react to posts immediately. But as mentioned earlier, time is a factor you cannot change. All you can do is use the time to show users you are serious about your profile. How exactly is this accomplished? By posting on a regular basis.

The only way to really gain trust from users and to build a following involves consistency. Social media profiles that fail to be consistent or keep up with trends are likely to get lost pretty quickly. The easiest way to make sure you consistently post valuable content is to set a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Make sure that your schedule allows ample time for you to generate great content.

6. There Is Not Enough Valuable Interaction

The importance of networking on social media cannot be stressed enough. And just posting every day has its limits. You have to participate in ways that are not directly connected to your business. For instance, leaving comments and liking posts from other users contribute to creating a strong reputation and building rapport with others in your industry and their customers.

Social media – at the end of the day – is all about getting personal. Big companies utilize it to interact with clients and customers, allowing for the lighter side of corporations to be showcased. Never forget why people use social media in the first place.

7. Posts Are Too Aggressive Or Not Relevant

Posts that are clearly meant to sell something or simply not aligned with your audience are going to have negative effects on your profile. If this is your strategy, do not be surprised if users unfollow or block you before you get a chance to approach them. Social media is not a walk in the park if your aim is to simply make sales or boost profits.

This is the reason we recommend pulling back on the sales pitches, especially for new or struggling social media campaigns and focusing more on connecting with your audience. Of course, posts should be in line with your niche but also be creative and interesting.

8. The Ads Are Not Distinct Enough

In terms of using paid advertising through social media, you want to be careful. Monitoring the performance of the ads, as well as split testing can dramatically increase the effectiveness. At the same time, there should be a funnel in place that inspires the user to click where you want them to.

Let EverConvert Make Your Social Media a Success!

Getting users to trust you is likely to be your biggest challenge. But it is not impossible if you use advanced strategies at the right time. Let our team of professionals at EverConvert provide you with the strategies that work and guide your social media marketing efforts. Slight mistakes can have big consequences online, and new entrepreneurs are likely to make several of them while gaining business experience, but with our experts handling your social media campaigns, you won’t have to worry about them failing anymore. Contact our office today and receive your free SEO analysis and get the benefits of a company that knows:

Sales Cures All!

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