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Continuous Growth & Success

The Challenge

Our client had solely focused on property damage law yet desired to recreate & relaunch his firm as a premiere personal injury firm. Not only does this require battling for the most desired cases, it required training his staff on how to properly intake personal injury cases and the vast differences in interacting with an injury victim vs a property damage victim! Fortunately our client had both the mindset for growth and the budget. We recognized that our efforts would entail overhauling his entire web presence and then individually optimizing the website, all historical and ongoing content, multiple Google Business Profiles, all Social Platforms, and the Intake Dept, as just the start. From there, every document whether legal, marketing, or service oriented, as well as all the divisions and staff members of the firm…
Scott Klotzman - Klotzman Law Firm

I was at a point where I wanted to make some major changes and grow my law firm and property damage wasn't the answer. As a highly motivated individual myself, I wanted the same diligence and hard work from my digital marketing company. EverConvert’s team is tireless and they are committed to their clients’ success. They coached my team and provided invaluable resources to assist me in making these changes internally. It could have been a headache, but with EverConvert it was seamless. I have never worked with a digital marketing company as turnkey as Everconvert. They are the most valuable thing you could do for your business.

The Solution

Florida is an extremely competitive market for personal injury, we knew that a strong SEO strategy was as vital to running a successful paid ads campaign, possibly even more, as it was to standalone search. It’s imperative that the two operate in complete conjunction with one another to quickly create a dominating presence. Property Damage was handled statewide but for PI we had to create a hyperlocal presence to win! We had to target select smaller or overlooked markets for any chance to dominate. We pumped out high-quality bilingual content, optimized for all search engines and paid ad platforms. The multilevel rollout was a huge success.

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The Result

Our team coordinated a fast-paced and thorough switch from property damage to personal injury with social, paid social, SEO, and Paid ads. Creating an overhaul of this magnitude with our aggressive strategy for success quickly paid off. Our client saw much quicker revenue from car accidents than the long drawn out process of collecting from property damage. In addition to the quick turn quick revenue cases, our client began to steadily build a war chest of high-quality personal injury cases with individual multiple six figure projections. Our client is experiencing both more cases than ever before with a significantly lower Cost Per Case!