Have Websites With Low-Quality Backlinks Been Targeted in the November Update?

The world of SEO is littered with stories of people using and abusing low-quality backlinks to rank higher. Whether it’s creating spammy web 2.0’s or PBNs, the emphasis on misusing the system has been around for a long time. When there’s an edge to be had, website owners have been more than willing to give it a shot.

However, recent updates have brought made SEO’s question whether or not those low-quality backlinks work now. Many sites that reported negative impacts from the November update also noted that they saw a large number of lost backlinks in the days immediately preceding their rankings drop. While it seems unlikely that sites with low-quality backlinks were specifically targeted, that doesn’t mean that they were not affected or that their toxic backlinks were not the cause.

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Analyzing Patterns

The November update is more about the overall picture and that’s what any webmaster should keep in mind. Most people start assuming it’s micro details that are the crux of any new update when that is rarely the case. Most Google updates are designed to provide a more overarching approach to analyzing websites and this begins with patterns.

Let’s assume a website owner is worried about their SEO strategy or backlink profile.

This is a natural concern to have, especially when others start noticing a drop in their traffic metrics. As a result, it’s time to sit down and analyze each backlink (low and high-quality) to determine what’s working and what’s not. You will start to notice where things are going wrong after a while.

The patterns are what the update is focused on. This means if you have started including widgets that offer low-quality backlinks, this is going to have an impact on your ranking. Google’s bots will start to pick up on these patterns because of the recent updates. The same applies to those buying spammy backlinks and hoping to get a little boost for major keywords.

The Google algorithm can start to pinpoint these concerns and that is why patterns have to be avoided. Low-quality backlinks on their own can survive but it’s those falsified patterns that get your website penalized. Remember, even the best websites have spammy backlinks. It happens naturally at times but that doesn’t mean Google penalizes them. Instead, the bots look for patterns and if there is clear-cut manipulation, they will hit your website hard.

Focus on the Link Building Processes

The processes are essential in the grand scheme of things after the November update. What does this mean for the average website owner?

In general, most people consider backlinks as an essential part of their SEO strategy and do it using a specific set of processes. Some prefer manual outreach, while others consider using PBNs. It’s all about understanding what your processes are and then analyzing where low-quality backlinks are starting to hurt you.

In many cases, the overall backlink profile is rarely the issue. It has more to do with the algorithm picking up specific tactics such as blackhat PBNs due to the number of backlinks pointing back to your website. At EverConvert, we use only whitehat backlink acquisition tactics in order to ensure that your site sees gains, not losses as a result of your new links.

Universal Improvements

The November update has targeted websites for several reasons and it is incorrect to assume only those with low-quality backlinks are heading in the wrong direction.

Instead, the algorithm update is more about universal improvements and ensuring users are getting what they’re hoping to find on the search engine. This means not only is it important to reduce the number of low-quality backlinks but it’s also essential to focus on other aspects of your website, such as your content. Google has done a thorough job of analyzing what users want and aim to make sure those requirements are met.

This is why universal improvements are mandatory (i.e. faster load times, mobile-friendliness, quality content).

Distribution Matters

Link distribution is just as important as whether or not your website has low-quality backlinks.

For example, if your current distribution set at 90% high-quality backlinks and 10% low-quality backlinks? This is normal and is often seen with some of the world’s largest websites. However, when your distribution starts to become closer to 60:40 or 50:50, things become difficult as a website owner.

You always want to have more high-quality backlinks from trusted sources. This is a must for your backlink profile.

Final Thoughts

Low-quality backlinks are unwanted by Google and other major search engines but the November update isn’t solely focused on links. Instead, it’s about the overall user experience and making sure the right websites are ranking. This includes a multitude of factors, which include a lot more than low-quality backlinks.

Website owners worried about the new algorithm update should analyze their backlink profile. Determine whether or not the backlinks are balanced, up-to-date, and improving the website’s chances of ranking. If not, it’s time to disavow them and move forward without hurting the website.

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